Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Grievances: The Sick Get Sicker

Well it was a long and shitty 4 day weekend.  I worked from home on Thursday and had off Friday, then Saturday and Sunday came along, and now it's Monday.  And guess what I did???? NOT A DAMN THING! I had made plans on Friday, and besides my friend canceling on me, I got sick.  Then Saturday I was set to go out with my cousin, but she had to cancel because she was sick.  I was going to head to a friends daughter's birthday party, and surprise her, but I started coming down with something.  I felt really nauseous during the day and suddenly my stomach broke out into one massive hive and I was scratching like a homeless person with fleas.  After reading the side effects of my RA medication, I found that it was an allergic reaction caused by the medicine.  I'd totally understand getting a reaction, makes perfect sense.  HOWEVER, I've been shooting myself up with this crap for 2 months! Noooooow, during my long weekend, my body suddenly decides, "Ewww what's this? Gross; Breakout!".  Why would this happen?  Oh that's right, because it's me, and I'm Murphy!  So I spent the day napping and doing laundry in between.

Sunday comes along and I slept all morning and missed Church for the 3rd week in a row.  I'm a horrible Catholic at this point.  I ate breakfast, got sick again and was itchy again.  At one point I took a brush to this itch, and I'm not ashamed to say that I scratch my stomach until it was red and almost bleeding.  It was like I had orgasmed; it felt amazing!  Anyway, later I sat here depressing myself while watching My Fair Wedding.  Seriously, any single woman watching that should be put on Suicide watch.  Not the show to watch when you're feeling like crap.  I should have been having Brunch with a friend, but I assume she forgot, since I never heard from her.  Which while I was pissed off at first, I chalked it up to it being for the best.  I was miserable and I was ready to take everyone down with me.  Because yes, misery loves company, and I revel in it.  So here it is Monday, and I also took today off, and still have nothing to do.  I'm totally having a Maxine moment, where I just don't give a.... Oh shit, I just remembered I still have clothes in the dryer from Saturday night. Whoops.  Oh well, here's hoping this week will go smoothly since I was able to hide out in my bubble today.  

So, how did you enjoy your weekend???

Happy Blogging All!!! 

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  1. I'm single, we can watch My Fair Wedding together to ease the loneliness!!!!!!!! But there will be amazing weekends to come!!!!! Trust me! :)