Monday, November 18, 2013

Babalu-Oh No!!

I'm pretty sure that Luci & Desi roll over in their graves everyday this place is allowed to stay open and retain the name, Bablau's.  Okay, I admit, maybe I'm jumping into the negative too quickly, so I’ll start slowly & nicely; something Bablau’s (a restaurant in the East Tremont section of the Bronx. I won't give the exact location because they don't need more attention than I'm already giving them with this blog) doesn't understand.

Positives:  The waiters are really good.  They were very attentive during my dining experience, and kept bringing over more of that garlicky white sauce for the chips.  That’s probably the BEST thing they have here.  The cocktails are also pretty good & pack a good punch for people trying to get tipsy fast.  Who doesn't love a drink like that?

Semi-Positive: The food is okay.  Everything tasted fine, but it’s not something I’d share with my friends and tell them they just have to go there.  I’ve mainly gone back for that garlic sauce & the freestyle they play on Saturday’s.  Though I would have appreciated if they'd explain that the dinner portions were NOT for sharing.  Two friends of mine decided to share the Churrasco (which I remember being a much larger portion when I went at the beginning of this year.)  When the food came out, my poor friends were left wide eyed staring at what was placed in front of them.  A 4 year old could have eaten that meal on their own.  However, they were at least satisfied with the taste of everything.

The NEGATIVE:  Ahh, and here we are!  My main reason for writing this review, is to actually review the Manager, and is why I feel that they don’t deserve to have the “wholesome” name of, Babalu’s.  Hmmm, okay, maybe wholesome is too much, but when you think of Luci & Desi, and you think of Bablau’s, you think nice, right?  Fun?  A good time had by all?  Well this individual, with a clear Napoleon complex, had to be the rudest person I've ever encountered in any restaurant.  Mr. John Rivera (which hurts, because my mom is a Rivera, and the Rivera’s are AWESOME people. Thanks for giving them a bad name, John) greeted a friend and I at the door.  He came up politely at first asking if we had a reservation.  I told him we were meeting some friends, pointed to them, and before I could even begin walking towards them, he just walked away.  I thought it was strange the way he did that, but ignored it. We waited about another 10 minutes to sit down, and were finally brought to our table.  At this time it was around 9:45p/9:50, and we were right in the corner, by the hostess podium.  I thought great seating, at the time, because we were out of the way of the bar and everyone standing around.  As we were opening our napkins, Napoleon (yes, readers, that’s my new name for him), came over and THREW the drink menus at us, to the point where they made a very loud smack against the table, when they landed.  If you think I’m exaggerating, just imagine (if you’ve been) how loud the music is there and with people talking all around us, including our table, how this sound made us all stop in mid-sentences, because we were startled by the sound.  We all just looked at each other confused, like, what the heck just happened?

Moving on, we ate, we drank, and were generally having a good time, until one of my friends asked for another drink.  That’s when the waiter informed us that while he could bring her another drink, he would also need to bring us our check.  Why you ask?  Well apparently they needed to set up the DJ in that particular section and needed us to move.  So here are my main questions: 1. Why would you sit customers in a section you would need them to vacate within an hour.  Have you been out with 6 women? Do they do anything in an hour?  2. Why wouldn't the next option be to move us to another table?  We agreed that we were done eating and since we’d already decided we were going to stay and drink there, that we would just move to the bar.  We received our bills, paid, and while most of us weren't even done signing our names, Napoleon came over with an extremely RUDE & NASTY attitude, motioned to us to move (like dismissing us) and said, “We need this table right now, and we need you to move.”  Now I have a lot of friends who work in restaurants, many of which are managers, so I know the protocol.  In situations like that most Managers approach you with something along the lines of an apology, “Excuse me ladies but we do need this section. Please feel free to move over to the bar or another table” etc.  Some might even go the extra mile and give you a drink on the house for the inconvenience.  But no, because why would Napoleon care about paying customers who were actually planning on staying there the whole night to spend more money on food & drinks. 

I’m not saying the place is completely bad, I’m just sharing with you my experience, and isn’t that what blogging is all about.  Hey, I mentioned the high points didn’t I?  So see, I’m not a complete hater, as one of my friends said.  Yes, I have friends who have been here, and still go, and have a great time.  However, I just can’t say the same for myself or the friends I was with that night, and maybe that’s because we had the misfortune of dealing with, Napoleon.  So take this “review” how you’d like and feel free to comment back whether you agree or disagree. J

Disappointed Babalu’s Patron,