Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday

THE RED BOX!!!  This may or may not be a package for something, that I may or may not be doing my first review/contest on. Tee Hee. Super excited!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday

This, dear friends, is a "full" 99 cent bag of Doritos.  I had just opened it, and that's what I got.  No I didn't have one or a few and then take the photo; this is how it came.  All I want to know is...WHERE THE HELL ARE THE REST OF MY CHIPS??!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Looks & Sex. Can They Be Rated Differently?

I have few guy friends, so when I get a chance to dip into their warped little minds, I take advantage. I try to ask all the questions I can possibly think of when ever i'm around them.  This may be why I have so few.  So recently I was speaking to one of those gentleman and I had asked him who the hottest girl he had ever dated was.  He told me that that was an unfair and rude question.  That as a man, he felt is was wasn't possible to really compare woman's looks, when everyone is different and is beautiful in there own way.  At first I thought that was sweet, but of course I had to take it a step further.  I then ask if he could name the best sex he'd ever had.  Well did he go on and on as to who, why and how this person rocked his world.  I mean he could remember, in detail, everything about this one person.  So I started to think, "Wait? You can say who's the best you've ever had, sex wise. But saying who's the hottest; that's rude?"  I finally asked him this, and he said it was completely different.  Of course I continued to press the issue, because that's how I am.  I told him that the assumption would be the person you'd consider best in bed, would be the hottest person.  But again, he said, very sternly, that the two were very different and that just because you're great in bed, doesn't mean you're the best looker in the bunch.  He continued that beauty and sex were complete opposites and one was more personal than the other. The more personal being, looks.  Okay, I thought.  Well now I'm just confused.

So I started to think? Are these two really that different? Can you not rate looks, but rate bed manners? In my opinion, I don't think so. I think both can be rated equally.  But, then if both can be rated equally, which would you rather be: 1. The hottest looking or 2. Best in Show?  I personally feel like I'd rather be the hottest person (besides the obvious of being both).  I'd like to know that all your ex's have been horrific and disfigured and I am the baddest chick you've ever seen, dated, fallen in love with etc, etc. Too much?  I mean I'm just saying...  But to be best in show? What does that really say about you? I mean lets face it, hookers are good in bed. From what I've heard. No, I do not have any proof to back that up. Sheesh, you know what I mean.  Anyway, as I was saying, anyone can be great in bed, but as great as they are, do you really want to wake up next to them in the morning?  And isn't the person who's great in bed, but not a looker, normally not the person you take home to Momma?

Now, it's not to say that a person can't be both, because I think you totally can be.  Isn't that why people get married?  They've found some hot little number that they're connected to spiritually and sexually and all that other great stuff.   But this topic all came about from someone saying that both can't be rated equally; you can either be some beautiful Aphrodite/handsome Adonis or you can be incredible Siren in the sack.   So what's your take on this friends and readers?  Can you rate them both equally? If not, then which is better?  I look forward to reading your answers.

Happy Blogging All!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Day I Turned 73

Hello Everyone!  Between my vacation last week, dealing with family, friends and these new health issues, I just have not been able to keep up with my blogging.  So before I begin, thank you again for continuing to follow me.  I see that I have some new followers, so welcome.  For those blogs that I'm not following, please email me your website's page so I can return the favor.  Seeing as I'll be spending many nights here on my comfy bed, I look forward to reading lots and lots of blogs. :)

So here's the update: I spent half my 4th of July vacation, in bed and with my poor bff itching to do so many things. I did have TONS of fun though, but I knew that when I got back I was gonna have to make a trip to the doctor; with or without insurance.  So last Wednesday I made an emergency appointment and went in.  When my doctor looked at my hands, legs and ankles, shouldn't couldn't believe I'd waited so long.  So of course she did a physical (in which when she bent my leg, I yelled out "MOTHER OF PEARL". Don't ask me why) and then proceeded to take 7 vials of blood from me.  Did I mention it was 12p and I hadn't eaten yet?  So before I left with an anti-inflammatory prescription and a referral to a rheumatologist, I paid a RIDICULOUSLY high bill.  I say this, because the cost I paid did not include what I'll have to pay the lab, after they've run test on my blood.  When I got back to work I told my boss what happened. God love her, she was furious and was immediately trying to get HR on the phone.  She was going on and on how she was going to get someone for this. She really is a sweetie.  But I had to explain to her that it was out of HR's hands, and that's why I hadn't bothered.  Anyway to make a looooong story short, test came back that my "rheumatoid" levels were elevated and that I should make an appointment with the specialist immediately.  Well ain't that just grand!  I made said appointment and when I told them I was self paid (meaning I have no insurance) the girl on the other end stayed quiet for a good 30 seconds. I finally said hello, thinking the call dropped and she finally said, "That's gonna be $$$. Is that okay?"  After recovering from my mini heart attack and picking myself and my mouth off the floor, I told her, "Well it's either that, or stay in bed shaped as a stiff board with crooked fingers."  So now I have an appointment set for the end of this month.  I basically aged almost 50 years in a matter of weeks.  I laugh because my grandmother has arthritis and watching the both of us climb up the stairs, trying to comb our hair or pick up a bottle of water, is now pure comedy. We now share more than just our birth dates.  Hey Mom, you always said I was just like my grandmother. Now here's proof! 

So that's sorta why I haven't written.  Beside the fact that my mind has been all over the place, my fingers hands have been killing me.  Which makes it difficult to type so much, and I already type A LOT while I'm at work.  It doesn't help that I'm also addicted to text messaging.  So that my friends is just a little update on me.  I apologize this blog isn't as funny and witty as I tend to be (yes, I'm patting myself on the back. well not literally because I can't raise my arm that high on account of the "arthritis).  But rest assure I have lot of new material and ideas to write about, so dont' worry, I'm not out just yet.  Just need some time to recuperate until I get the real good drugs to make this all go away. A girl can dream :)

Till next time my friends, Happy Blogging!!!