Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Grievances

Photo Credit: Crotch Grab

Gentlemen, are your balls that huge you must adjust them everywhere and anywhere at all times?!  I apologize for starting my blog so roughly, but this is a topic that severely irks me.  I see men, whether I want to or not, everyday, adjusting their package anywhere at anytime and its absolutely revolting.  I get it, men have a penis and balls.  These two friends dangle and I suppose get in the way.  And I get that its hot, and depending on where these friends are dangling they may stick to areas such as your thigh.  Trust me, I do understand this.  HOWEVER it is not appropriate for you to start shifting your twig and berries in the middle of the street, a restaurant, an interview, a funeral, your child's graduation or anywhere else that's not the bathroom or somewhere else private. I mean Christ, you're not even discreet about it. You're just digging and adjusting like a genie is going to pop up if you do it just right.  I had asked an ex-boyfriend of mine if he ever did this, and he told me that of course he did, but it wasn't something he wanted to broadcast to the world.  So he'd excuse himself and do it where no one could see.  And I will be forever thankful to him for that.  So what's your problem, guys who do this incessantly?

Not to long ago I was walking home and these two men where walking in my direction.  I wasn't paying any attention to them, until they got closer and I noticed they were both adjusting themselves; or scratching, who knows.  But what floored me was that they just continued their conversation as if neither one of them was going to town on themselves.  It was as if it was completely normal to do this.  I'm sorry but WTF?  Again, I totally comprehend the fact that adjustments need to be made and that to you it is completely normal.  But it is NOT normal to do it out in the open like that!  Another time I was witness to this nauseating move, was at a store, where a guy was sitting down talking to a girl.  She seemed very interested in the conversation, but he seemed more interested in digging into his ball sack.  You could totally tell the girl was trying to ignore it and kept talking and looking the other way, while the guy would stop and start up again.  Like seriously guy? Did you skip a shower today? I just didn't understand how he could continue on his adventure and not feel at all embarrassed.

I still don't understand what makes this OK in society for men to just get up in there and start moving things around and/or scratching away.  I see grown men doing this and I see teenagers and kids doing it. It's repulsive and frankly makes you look like a filthy person.  If women started adjusting their thongs or scratching themselves in the nether regions in public, men would be just as disgusted and turned off to the point where they would most likely walk away in the middle of a conversation and make us feel gross and embarrassed.  And let me tell you, when we shave or wax our areas, it itches like a motherfu**er when it grows back. But when that happens, we don't just get up in there and act like it's all gravy. Like "Yea, I'm scratchin' my woo woo, whats it too you?"  What if we did? How would you like to hold a conversation with someone who's all up in their business and acts as if it's no big deal? Pretty sure you'd react more dramatically than we do.  Am I wrong?  And trust me should we and when we call you out on it, you get very defensive and say "I have to do it."  No, you don't! And if you feel the need to, again, GO SOMEWHERE PRIVATE!!!  Ladies, please tell me, am I alone in not even being offended by this, but just disgusted by it?  Please sound off!!!!  And men, please, sound off as well. What is it that I and every other woman in the world, just isn't grasping when it comes to you and little you & the twins?

Happy Blogging All!


  1. OMG! Only you would talk about these things. I am so glad you got a blog. And yes, our woo-woo itches like crazy when the hair grows back! LOL

  2. I AGREE! It's gross! Especially if you have a crazy sick imagination (not that I do...ahem.) I read this post to my husband and he says it's something they HAVE TO DO and they don't care if people see....he also says that if girls went around scratching their woo-woos that the male portion of the population would actually enjoy watching.....


    That link right there solves all your problems... so ladies, if u have an issue with us doing this, just click the link and invest in a bunch of these for us men....

  4. @NewYorkChica well someone's got to do it, and I'm more than happy to take on the job! Trust me if there is anything you're itching (no pun) to write about, let me know; I'll write it for you. :)... @Josie, gotta love men huh. You definitely have a rare one there; hold on tight. LOL... @Ozymandias Why does it have to be our problem? Because we're the one's that are offended by it? Well sir people are offended by smelly people on the train. Does that mean we have to buy those people deodorant? Just stop being gross, and everything will be cool.

  5. First I must say welcome back!! I feel like it's been forever and a day! Now as for this whole "adjusting" situation. Being raised in a family full of dudes I guess I'm just used to it... Is it gross YES! Should they do it in private HELL YES! But I guess I just pay it no attention... On the other hand I toooootally agree that if guys were to see us scratch or make adjustments (big boobs need adjusting too!) they would be totally grossed out... At the end of the day fellas be discrete or get better underwear (check the link above)...

  6. Agree, 100% with everything! The only thing I find more disgusting is when guys spit in the street, on the sidewalk. Right in front of women. No shame. It's not like they have a mouth of tobacco chew or that they just finished choking or something. Nope. It's like some macho thing. Someone needs to start a charm school for boys & men, lol