Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Say No To Snow!

So unless you're living under a rock somewhere, you've heard about the disgusting snow storm that swung in and raped NY & NJ, and some other surrounding states, this past weekend. What a way to end a fabulous year! Can you sense my sarcasm through your computer screen.  If there is one thing I hate about living in NY, it's the snow; especially when you live in the South Bronx. Now if you live here or near here you know that it would take the hands of God to come down and perform a miracle for Sanitation to come and plow our streets. The only way you can get through here is once the snow finally melts in about two weeks. People can barely walk through the streets. The only thing bare is the side walks in front of the houses where people had a heart and shoveled, like in front of my house. *Special thanks to my mother and her now broken back.* However in front of some houses, where people just didn't care and buildings where I'm assuming the landlord is suppose to do this job, they've just given up and said fuck it never mind. Its also a complete waste for people to drive through here, but they still insist on doing so. For example, this morning my neighbor across the street spent almost two hours trying to get out (or get in) his driveway. All I heard was the screeching of tires over and over and over again. I really wanted to yell out my window "GIVE IT UP AND JUST LEAVE THE FLIPPING CAR WHERE IT IS!" Needless to say, I got no sleep last night (I "fell asleep" at around 1a and was up again at 3a.) So after he finally makes it in the driveway, he then proceeded to make all this noise cleaning the excess snow off the shovel. When he was finally done I thought to myself, "finally sleep"; this was at about 6:30a. So 8am rolls around and I'm still up, but start knocking out. At 9a I'm awoken once again! This time, by an Entenmann's truck that gets stuck at the corner of our block.  Now I find it hilarious that we can't get the garbage truck or a plow or the mail man or the UPS truck to come to our neck of the woods. But fat asses of the Bronx rejoice because we can get our donuts & cakes! He was stuck there and looked so confused; he just didn't know what to do, as if snow was foreign to him. At least there was one good Samaritan out there, who helped the guy dig his tires out so he could turn and keep trucking and feeding the fatty fat fats of the BX.

So if you're asking yourself what's wrong with this chick, I think it's more than obvious that I am very bitter. I'm on vacation from work this week and have been stuck indoors for 3 days straight. I missed out on seeing my cousin who came in from Florida, missed out on a dinner date with one of my besties and haven't had a chance to go see my goddaughter all due to SNOW! So all I have to say to Mother Nature in all its splendor, that it can take this "picturesque snow" that people love so much and were hoping to see all weekend, and it can shove it! I say NO TO SNOW!

Well I hope you're all enjoying your holidays & vacation and are living it up to the fullest. :)

Happy Blogging All

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Stink!...What I learned at Midnight Mass.

This past Friday Night/Saturday Morning my family & I went to Midnight mass.  My uncle & I were the worst, because we thought the Church was sure to fall at the sight of us entering. But we passed the test and made it through. So then Mass began at 12:05a. Now we have two Priests at our Church, because it was a bilingual Mass. One priest speaks Spanish and the worse English I've ever heard; My grandmother sounds fluent in English compared to him (though you don't know my grams, trust me that means something. lol). Also he loves to sing rather than read; so when he's reading the scriptures, he's really singing them. The other priest doesn't speak...he YELLS! For example (work with me here) he begins, "AND JOSEPH WENT TO THE INN AND WAS TURNED AWAY but sought shelter in the stables. AND WHEN MARY DELIVERED THE LORD AND SAVIOR the wise men appeared". You get the picture.  After the readings, as always the Priest speaks. So here came our Spanish speaking priest to teach us what Christmas is all about:

1. "Santa Klau-se. Das how ju say righ? Well eh Santa, is NOT real" (Yes, the "SANTA IS NOT REAL" comment he says in almost perfect English. Ummm there are kids out here, can we keep it down. Sheesh)
2. "Santa Klau-se" came from da Coca Cola coporachon. Don't drink the Coca Cola." (OK, wow now we're gonna ruin Coca Cola's rep? Calm down Padre. This isn't the "Lets attack everything none religious" sermon. It's Christmas dude, relax.)
3. "Chrimas here, is all bout biznest." And with that he rubbed his two little fingers together almost like the Grinch.
4. "Chrimas is not bout da presents & gifts, is bout God send us gift of his chil to deliver our souls from evil."
5. "Our souls, hearts, are full of poo poo. Your heart is full of... pues tu sabe." (OOOOK.) Inside WE STINK." So at this point my uncle looks at my mom and I and goes, "You brought me to church so they can tell me I stink?" And at that I'm in tears of laughter.
6. Jesus was born in da manger (now this word he had a hard time trying to figure it out; he was trying to say stable but just couldn't figure it out) where da animals did their biznest. A sign dat we STINK and he here to cleanse." (I look at my uncle again who is pinching his nose.) 

I must say the other Priest was a lot nicer (and louder) and just told us to remember what the day is really about and to love others and be there for each other the way the Lord is always there for us. 

At the very end of the Mass ( about 1:30a or so) they brought out 3 "GIFTS"...Umm I thought that's not what this day was about?...The Spanish speaking Priest kept emphasizing that this was a "Free" raffle that we all entired; meanwhile this is after they stuffed baskets in our faces for money...Side note, my mom gave money for all of us, and the guy was still staring at me. Funny... So he starts asking if we all have our halves of the raffle tickets submitted. However those that did enter, recieved it in the previous weeks Sunday Mass (which obviously almost none of us at this Mass had attended) so the people that won where...1. Random Person. 2. The Principle of the School 3. Someone that works in the Cafeteria of the School.  Ha! All in all it was a good Midnight Mass that made us think, laugh and take a shower when we got home.  Hopefully your Christmas with your families was just as interesting and enjoyable.

Here are a few photos of our Christmas.

Me by our flourshing Tree

 My sister putting little baby Jesus in his manger

Baby Jesus resting comfortably after a long journey from our China cabinet to his manger.

My uncle not paying attention to the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. He was on level 20 of Bookworm. Priorities people, Priorities!
Happy Blogging All!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and I just wanted to write about how thankful I am for all of the things that I have. Though I complain about a lot of things and admit that it isn't always easy, I do have so many things that I've been blessed with. I have a wonderful family that I cherish dearly, friends who hold me together like glue, & a mind that is populated with sarcasm, wit & craziness; all of which keep me on my toes and keep me from going off the deep end. I know that Christmas is not at all about decorations, presents, food or bitching about who's year was either better or worse than the next. It's really about appreciating your blessings and (if you're religious) remembering the gift God sent to deliver and protect us...Oh wait, maybe it is about the gifts...But wherever you are and whatever your doing, I hope this night brings you comfort & joy (no Christmas song pun intended) and that you enjoy all the moments in life with love, light & laughter. Now I'm off to Midnight Mass with the family. XOXOXO

Also wanted to share a little of our Puerto Rican Christmas photos.

This is what we call the "Puerto Rican Appetizers" or "Puerto Rican Hors D'Oeuvres" if you wanna get fancy.  It's a Ritz Cracker, Salchichon (A Cross between a Sausage & Pepperoni) & Queso de Papa (Chedder Cheese)

Our Christmas Tree. The presents look whimpy but there are some behind the tree & on the ottoman. It's really all about the fun we had putting it up. And let me tell, you it was an experience. LOL

Merry Christmas & Happy Blogging All

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Dear Santa, Baby Jesus, Elves, Trolls, Big Foot, Cupid, The Easter Bunny, whoever the hell in the Cosmos that's listening:

This year has been quite a rough one. Not only for me, but for my friends & family. Now I have tried to be positive and bright, and in doing so have learned LOTS of things.  The world has taught me lessons (that I didn't even ask to be taught) and since I had to stay here stuck & fustrated learning them, I'd like ask for somethings in return.  So in no particular order here they go...

1. A job. Now I don't mean like a "to pay the bills" job. I mean a real job, where I like going day in and day out. Not some nonsense 9 to 5 where I want to shoot myself in the foot everyday just to bring some type of excitement into my work day. I want to enjoy what I do. Even if it's for a little bit....A job with my accomplice, usual suspect Liz, is preferable.
2. More time with my family (mom & dad sides). But like fun times, I don't want drama. If someone brings drama I give you (again, whomever is listening) permission to take them out at the knees.
3. World peace...Or at least peace of mind for everyone. So sick of BS. What exactly are we at war about again?
4. Equality for all. For example, I say if gay people want to get married and ruin their lives (and credit, 'cause marriage gets in that bitch too) the way our straight friends have, let them. Who cares!
5. More Housewives, Jersey Shore, Kardashians, etc. Not because I simply can't live without these shows, but because it's amazing and brings joy to my heart knowing there are people more fucked up out there than me and my family. Mazel Tov! (just seemed appropriate to throw that word in there whether it means what I think it means or not...)
6. Another Miami vacation or equivalent. But this time with more money and less bullshit. The lengths we had to go through just to get into clubs was ridiculous. And then when we finally did get into one there were 3 people in the whole place. I still want my 20 bucks back!
7.Happiness and Luck for my mother & sister. They deserve it!...And what the heck, throw in a Kidney for my uncle. He's cool too.
8.To meet Tosh.O. I haven't shot any videos, but I want a web redemption. And SOON!... How? I don't know how. That's for you to figure out. Hello! This is a wish list...Sheesh. Moving on....
9.More followers on my Blog & Twitter. I have very few friends in life. Can I pretend to at least be cool in cyber space?
10. My own comic book...I'll also settle for a reality show. I BET I bring in higher ratings than Conan, David and Jay! That's right, I went there. Suck it men of late night!... George though, he's cool. For obvious reasons.
11. A date with Albie Manzo.  Don't worry about Monkey/my "BF" 'cause I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know that we're dating anyway.
12. Stop people from sending me Farmville, Animalville, Friendville, whatever else they have, requests. I don't want to farm. I don't want to take care of an animal (hello don't you know the Spencer story). And we're already friends, so this Friendville thing is pushing it. ENOUGH.
13. Also, stop people from tagging me in the most unflattering pictures they can find. I don't know how me simply smiling transforms on film into me looking like a fat troll missing a tooth, but knock it off!
14. The end of that ridiculous show Two & A Half Men. Seriously?! Why is this show even still on the air killing our brain cells, our funny bones, our lives?! Its not even funny!!!!
15. No more stupid Reggaeton music and/or stupid names for these artist. Wishin' & Yandel, Chino & Nacho, Tito El Bambino; STFU! You're time has come and gone, give it up! This applies to you Antoine Dodson. You're sister almost gets raped, and you make a career out of it? I sense some sibling friction here.
16. Have Puffy, Diddy, Dirty Money, whatever his name is, stick to business and stay as far away as possible from a recording studio! And from reality shows; he gave them a bad name.
17. For people to stop asking me when I'm going to get married or have a child. First of all I need to be in a relationship for more than a day to make that kind of decision. Secondly, read number 11. Thirdly its not as if I don't achieve these things I'm a waste of life. I went to College and still have no clue what I'm doing in life. If anything is taking the "waste of life" award, it's gonna be because of that. Fourthly FU. :)
18. To lose weight and not gain it back the moment I eat a peanut.
19. For my friends to find their way in life and be happy. I'm negative enough for all of us, let them enjoy life even if it's just for a tiny bit.

20. This is a lenghty, but final, wish.. Please remove the larynx (also known as the voice box) of the following people:
-Sarah Palin, George Bush (also remove their fingers so they can never write or type another book again)
-Dina Lohan
-Michael Lohan
-Hulk Hogan
-VH1 Reality people with the exception of the crazy bitches on Basketball Wives.
-The Smitt-Pinkett Family (while you're at it, stop them from having anymore children. If i have to hear another song or watch another remake of a classic movie by any of them, I'm taking matters into my own hands.)
-Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon (another couple that should never ever procreate.)
-Anyone who talks shit behind the backs of others and can't say it to their face. If you can't speak up, don't speak at all!
-Babies on the train while I'm trying to read.
-People on the train who insist on talking so loudly that they can be heard from space. I don't care that you passed your drug test because you drank some special "liquid" that cleared your urine. Furthermore I don't care about your baby mama/daddy drama. Keep that shit to yourself. PUHLEASE!
-Anyone working for the MTA (I'm tired of the excuses of sick passengers & train traffic up ahead. Stop lying, you just don't feel like working at your job!)
-Justin Bieber. Even my 11 year old sister can agree with me on this. Just make it happen!
-Miley Cyrus. I think we can be in agreement that this one speaks for itself.
-Bill O'Rielly
-Anyone who appeared or was associated with the show "The Hills".
-ELIZABETH HASSELBECK!!! Just have her go away all together. I'm not saying die, Chirst people, calm down. I'm not that evil. But if she could move to like Antarctica and never be heard from again that would be awesome. I'm almost tempted to say if you achieve this one, you can ignore my other requests...Well lets see what happens and then we'll talk.

Happy Blogging All.

Disclaimer: These are merely my wishes and desires and really just my attempt at a cheap laugh here and there. I do not really wish harm on anyone listed or not and I love my friends and there wacky ways. So if any one reading this reads too much into it, you should be slapped back into REALITY. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Laugh Day...

So yesterday I mentioned that I was wrapping gifts trying to bring up my mood.  Well around 6 o'clock last night the final package I was waiting for (a gift for my mom) came in. I went downstairs to sign for it, and low and behold the name of the place is written all over the package! Thank God she wasn't home because she would have been super nosey trying to read it. Well my sister (who's 11) was home. I had to fly upstairs huffing and puffing before she could see it. (I ran up one flight of stairs, but I'm out of shape. Don't judge me). Of course as I'm running into my room she comes running out of hers and I had to slam my door shut and lock it....Now the last time we did this, where she was running after me, she pulled on the doorknob and actually locked me in. Why was she chasing me? Because I had a bag of Runts (you know that candy that's in the shape of banana's, apples, pears etc) my mother wanted and she wanted to steal them for her. You know, be the favorite child....Anyway I digress as usual. So I'm standing there trying to figure out where the hell to put this package. My mom won't check for it, but my sister, that kid will search the sink drain if she thinks something in there is for her. I look under the bed and already tell myself no. She'll look there, and with the dust bunnies living there, I'd be sure to have it stolen before anyone saw it. (No I'm not THAT messy, but my room collects dust quicker than a Golden Girls vagina...too much?) Then I think my closet. But me and my mother share clothes, or rather sneak into each others closet and steal clothes; I just knew that wasn't an option.  Finally I settle on the perfect space!

I have a shelf above my door. So I think PERFECT. Even I don't look up there; couldn't tell you what's up there to begin with. (Mother if you're reading this, if I so much as think you've gone up there, it's going back!) So now I need a ladder, but I figure if i so much as open my door an inch the queen brat is gonna run in. So I think simple, I'll just use my computer chair. You know the one with...THE WHEELS! Did I mention I have HARDWOOD FLOORS on top of that?! I don't know WTF I was thinking. I stand up on the chair, not to mention that I have a old mail, socks & a curtain package on the chair. And as soon as I get to stand half way I'm already rocking back and forth. I take the package from under my chin, because that's the smart way to hold it of course, and finally grab it with my hand.  I start to shove it in the shelf but something is in the way. WTF is up there? I still couldn't tell you. So, while still trying to balance myself, I move whatever is in the way with my other hand and shove the package in. At the moment of that last push I shake backwards, then forwards and then backwards again. My legs are complete Jello and all I can think is, "I'm going to die right now all from playing hide and go seek with fu*king X-mas presents & I have granny underwear on!" I made a swift decision and jumped off. Thank GOD for such a small room & such a big bed; I flew right on top of that bad boy.

So the moral of the story is. Fu*k Christmas... No I kid, I kid.  The moral is, don't be an a-hole and use your brain. Common sense says standing on a chair with wheels spells horror story. It could've been worse; especially with my luck.  Another moral, it's OK to hit children when they're pestering you. OK maybe not hit, but shove out of the way so they cry a little. Its out of love. ;)

Happy Blogging All.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Blues

Its Monday December 20th, a few days before Christmas, and I've got a classic case of the BLUES.  Last night I didn't sleep a wink. I finally fell asleep at 6am today, and then woke up at 6:45, which was the time I set my alarm so I could wake up a run on the treadmill.  I also woke up with a terrible headache. Its as if my entire body just keeps going into shut down mode. Needless to say I did not make it into work.  At least twice every week for the past few weeks I have felt like complete garbage. And even though I'm going through some special circumstances at work, it really irks me to not have gone in and to let people down. So of course that just makes me feel worse. I guess a huge part of why I'm feeling down is because I'm thinking about last year and what I was doing around this time. There were people in my life back then, that are no longer around that sometimes I miss. Also around this time I was gearing up to go see one of my best friends in SA.  Now while I'm happy that those people are officially out of my life and I have more money in my pocket this year, it still saddens me. Do you ever just look back at a situation and even though there was so many bad things surrounding it, you still feel a little nostalgic? If so, you know exactly what I mean. If not, then maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment.  And while my bestest friend is coming into town this week and I get to see her, I know it's only going to be for short time.

So to try and get me out of this funk I've been trying to focus on the brighter things in my life. New friends, new boyfriend :), exciting prospects for the new year all while wrapping gifts & listening to music. And no not Christmas music, because then I'd be sure to commit suicide :). I kid I kid.  So how do you handle the blues? I'd love to hear any tips, suggestions or just random comments.

Until manana, Happy Blogging All

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Go Ahead & Ask 'Em

I am so proud and filled with joy today! Don't Ask Don't Tell was finally repealed!  Obama is scheduled to sign on the dotted line as soon as the Bill reaches his desk! Yippie!!!!    http://www.cnn.com/2010/POLITICS/12/18/senate.dadt/index.html

First of all I can't believe that this has been an issue for 17 years! The Men & Women of our Military risk their lives day in and day out, and many of them couldn't even receive letters from their partners due to the fear of being discovered. And there are so many people out there who simple don't understand or choose not to understand other peoples lifestyles.  I remember talking to a male acquaintance once who was providing his service to our country, and he told me that he didn't want any *choice word* staring at him while he got undressed. I look at him in disgust, but calmly pointed out that I highly doubted that a gay male would enlist, travel around the world to face guns & bombs simply for the "pleasure" of looking at his skrawny ass. He acted annoyed with me after that. I acted proud :)

Everyday we struggle with so many issues, from civil rights, racism, the economic conditions, health care; I mean the list goes on and on. But it's as moments like this that I am proud to be an American. It may just be a small step, but I think it's clear that change is possible, and I believe its a step in the right direction. In my opinion it all relates back to one thing, basic human rights. No one should be discriminated because of who they choose to love, what skin color they are, what their beliefs are, etc. In the words of Ms. Lady Gaga, "We were born this way!" And I don't think I'd want it any other way.

Happy Blogging All :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

That's not the one I wanted.

It's Christmas morning and I'm so excited. Its one of the first years I can buy my mom something really nice & expensive (not that gifts need to be expensive but when it's your mom, you want to give her the best). So there she is opening up her gift. She sees that Burgundy box with the red ribbon & she knows that she's getting a little treat from a heavenly store called COACH. She opens it with the biggest brightest smile and I am smiling right along with her. My heart is full of joy and I'm a little in awe of my own greatness; "I made my Mother's day". She opens the box, looks at her beautiful bag and says....."Well this isn't the one I wanted." And then I die inside!...That was Christmas about 2 years ago.  Now my mom is not by any means an ungrateful person. She appreciates everything that shes given. But I guess that year (which was one of the few years she provided us with a list of things she'd like; we do that in our house to avoid confusion. Go figure) she expected something else. Now in her defense she sent me the link to the bag she wanted. But in my defense she never specified the color.

So when did Christmas become so difficult and complicated? And when did the rule become that a person needed to receive multiply gifts to feel loved?  Now in my case, I'm extremely spoiled and I love getting so many gifts; I was the only child for 16 1/2 years so I expect nothing less. HOWEVER as I'm getting older I'm noticing that we kill ourselves trying to find that perfect present to compliment our loved ones lives and it usually ends up in the back of some closet, collecting dusts and being eaten by moths. Its insane the lengths we go through for these things. Remember the year of the "Cabbage Patch"? Or the Year of the "Tickle Me Elmo"? Or even last year with those awful hamsters, the "ZuZu Pets". Which on a side note, my sister doesn't even play with anymore; and my mother bought her a huge play set to go along with about 8 of these little rats). I was looking under the couch the other day and saw one of those little bastards. I screamed bloody murder thinking it was a rat! Stupid crap...

I still believe that there is a Santa Clause. But I also believe that he looked at our lists year in and year out and said to himself "Fu*k this $h!t. These people are nuts with these asinine request. I'm out to Bermuda" and then never came back. And who can blame him. So now we struggle as Santa Clause's to our friends and family. So if you've busted your hump to find that perfect treasure, killed yourself at some mall, in some store burning up like the pits of hell on some godforsaken line, and someone dare ask for a gift receipt. Politely smile, stand up, walk over to them and punch 'em right in the throat and then simply walk away. :)

So how's your Christmas shopping coming along? Done yet? I know I'm not.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Filter Your Mouth For Heavensakes...

Today I found a pair of shoes that I absolutely LOVED! I was with one of my best friends, who's a guy, and asked his opinion. He lifted up the shoe, turned them horizontal and up in the air and said "Yea, those are hot." Now at first I didn't understand what he was trying to say because, well I'm slow. But anyway, when I finally realized what he meant, I just rolled my eyes (and if you're slow like me and still don't understand, he was trying to demonstrate what they would look like on a girl if they were being "intimate" and her legs were up in the air). He asked me why I rolled my eyes and I said that sometimes he should really filter himself. He suggested that people just needed to accept his sense of humor.

Now I can laugh and be crude just like everyone else; I mean cursing and sex talk is almost another language to me, just like English & Spanish. And I've known my friend for years and I know that's just how he is and usually doesn't mean anything by it. But sometimes its as if he doesn't remember that I'm a girl. And while I don't expect anyone to ever change who they are, I do think that sometimes it would be nice to keep your comments to yourself or "filter" your mouth.

In his defense on our way home I commented on how much I love Nicki Minaj & how amazing she is. He went to say something and then stopped himself and simply said "I'll keep my comments to myself." I laughed and told him "And the Angels rejoice." :)

So do you think you should filter your mouth on occasion? Or should people just accept how you are at all times, and if they're uncomfortable, just learn to deal with it?  Leave some comments & I'll respond.

Happy Blogging All...And always remember you can follow my crazy conversational antics at @Twitt3rGirl10 :)

P.S. He was right about that shoes, but that's besides the point! Anyway, here they are. Aren't they just to die for ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

These are my Confessions...

...well they're only some of my confessions. If I confessed everything about me, your computer would be sure to explode or melt or something to that dramatic effect. And then you'd come looking for me to reimburse you for it and I'm in no position to give anyone any kind of hand out in these economic times. Anyway I digress. These "confessions", are just to give you a little insight on the inner workings of my twisted little mind...Ok not twisted, but definetly not all there.  And furthermore give you an idea of what kind of crap you're gonna see here. And by crap, I mean crap. Anyway, here goes:

  • I constantly walk around saying I hate things, when in reality I'm actually a pretty positive and nice person...yet no one has yet to see that side of me. Go figure.
  • I always have something to say about someone or something, whether it be good or bad. And I'm not prejudice at all. I'll talk about adults, children, grandmothers, teachers, myself. No one is safe! I have a big mouth and trust me I know how to use it...Wait, that sounds bad...Nevermind.
  • My cousin has been pestering me to start a blog for ages. She's pretty successful at hers *Cheap Family Plug Alert*  You can read it for yourself at NewYorkChica.com.
  • I love Show Tunes and am obsessed with Glee &  the Logo channel's "The A List: New York" & "RuPaul's Drag Race".  I'm sure I was a gay man in my past life. Oh honey, the stories I could tell.
  • I live in NY and I could name 150 reasons why I hate it. Like the fact that the MTA royally sucks and I'd rather try to hitch a ride on a pigeon then to get on that steal trap every morning...But I have only one reason I stay; there's no place like NY.
  • I went to Catholic School my entire life and couldn't tell you one bible verse & I curse like a Sailor.
  • I'm a Puerto Rican gal from the Bronx who's NEVER...wait for it....NEVER...wait for it....been pregnant. (For anyone offended by this, get over it. It's a blog, it's funny, it's my life, get over it).
  • Is pretty sure she's gonna get at least one person commenting about the above. And is pretty sure she's not gonna care.
  • If I ever met Tosh.O I'd feel like I finally made it.
  • I am as straight as they come. However if I had the opportunity to get it on with Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj I wouldn't be totally against it.
  • In love with the color pink and no I don't think that's girly.
  • I'm not to sure exactly why I'm writing this.
  • Embarrassing to you, but not to me moment: One of my top five favorite movies is "To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar". (Also obsessed with Mr. John Leguizamo)
  • My favorite number is 14.

This blog, or diary if you will, is just a cluster fu*k of stories, lessons and ideas that effect me in my daily life. Maybe you'll be able to relate and maybe you won't. Hopefully at least one of the things I say can make you laugh, chuckle, smile or even say "WTF". Any reaction I can live with.

So do you have any Confessions you'd share with the world? If so, share with me; I'm reading (in lieu of "I'm listening")

Happy Blogging All

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