Thursday, December 16, 2010

Filter Your Mouth For Heavensakes...

Today I found a pair of shoes that I absolutely LOVED! I was with one of my best friends, who's a guy, and asked his opinion. He lifted up the shoe, turned them horizontal and up in the air and said "Yea, those are hot." Now at first I didn't understand what he was trying to say because, well I'm slow. But anyway, when I finally realized what he meant, I just rolled my eyes (and if you're slow like me and still don't understand, he was trying to demonstrate what they would look like on a girl if they were being "intimate" and her legs were up in the air). He asked me why I rolled my eyes and I said that sometimes he should really filter himself. He suggested that people just needed to accept his sense of humor.

Now I can laugh and be crude just like everyone else; I mean cursing and sex talk is almost another language to me, just like English & Spanish. And I've known my friend for years and I know that's just how he is and usually doesn't mean anything by it. But sometimes its as if he doesn't remember that I'm a girl. And while I don't expect anyone to ever change who they are, I do think that sometimes it would be nice to keep your comments to yourself or "filter" your mouth.

In his defense on our way home I commented on how much I love Nicki Minaj & how amazing she is. He went to say something and then stopped himself and simply said "I'll keep my comments to myself." I laughed and told him "And the Angels rejoice." :)

So do you think you should filter your mouth on occasion? Or should people just accept how you are at all times, and if they're uncomfortable, just learn to deal with it?  Leave some comments & I'll respond.

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P.S. He was right about that shoes, but that's besides the point! Anyway, here they are. Aren't they just to die for ;)


  1. Whoa girl! Hot shoes! Wearing those will most definitely have men crawling at your feet! LOL

  2. I can only hope. Can't wait for the weather to get at least a little bit nicer so I can wear this out.

  3. gorgeous girl! i just bought me my own pair of booties as well :) but me dieron ampollas! ugh :(

  4. Me pasa lo mismo! I swear by Dr.Scholls. Anything he sells, I buy and they work wonders on my little feet. :)

  5. Love those shoes!!!!! I could never wear them myself so you Kudos to you!!!

    I guess he could filter himself if it makes you feel uncomfortable! But then again he can't really be himself and he's always going to have to think before he speaks and that can be a problem. so I don't know! lol

  6. Oh it's Yasmine by the way! lol I had to create a blog to comment! i think. but this isn't the one I will vent on! lol