Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and I just wanted to write about how thankful I am for all of the things that I have. Though I complain about a lot of things and admit that it isn't always easy, I do have so many things that I've been blessed with. I have a wonderful family that I cherish dearly, friends who hold me together like glue, & a mind that is populated with sarcasm, wit & craziness; all of which keep me on my toes and keep me from going off the deep end. I know that Christmas is not at all about decorations, presents, food or bitching about who's year was either better or worse than the next. It's really about appreciating your blessings and (if you're religious) remembering the gift God sent to deliver and protect us...Oh wait, maybe it is about the gifts...But wherever you are and whatever your doing, I hope this night brings you comfort & joy (no Christmas song pun intended) and that you enjoy all the moments in life with love, light & laughter. Now I'm off to Midnight Mass with the family. XOXOXO

Also wanted to share a little of our Puerto Rican Christmas photos.

This is what we call the "Puerto Rican Appetizers" or "Puerto Rican Hors D'Oeuvres" if you wanna get fancy.  It's a Ritz Cracker, Salchichon (A Cross between a Sausage & Pepperoni) & Queso de Papa (Chedder Cheese)

Our Christmas Tree. The presents look whimpy but there are some behind the tree & on the ottoman. It's really all about the fun we had putting it up. And let me tell, you it was an experience. LOL

Merry Christmas & Happy Blogging All

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