Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Say No To Snow!

So unless you're living under a rock somewhere, you've heard about the disgusting snow storm that swung in and raped NY & NJ, and some other surrounding states, this past weekend. What a way to end a fabulous year! Can you sense my sarcasm through your computer screen.  If there is one thing I hate about living in NY, it's the snow; especially when you live in the South Bronx. Now if you live here or near here you know that it would take the hands of God to come down and perform a miracle for Sanitation to come and plow our streets. The only way you can get through here is once the snow finally melts in about two weeks. People can barely walk through the streets. The only thing bare is the side walks in front of the houses where people had a heart and shoveled, like in front of my house. *Special thanks to my mother and her now broken back.* However in front of some houses, where people just didn't care and buildings where I'm assuming the landlord is suppose to do this job, they've just given up and said fuck it never mind. Its also a complete waste for people to drive through here, but they still insist on doing so. For example, this morning my neighbor across the street spent almost two hours trying to get out (or get in) his driveway. All I heard was the screeching of tires over and over and over again. I really wanted to yell out my window "GIVE IT UP AND JUST LEAVE THE FLIPPING CAR WHERE IT IS!" Needless to say, I got no sleep last night (I "fell asleep" at around 1a and was up again at 3a.) So after he finally makes it in the driveway, he then proceeded to make all this noise cleaning the excess snow off the shovel. When he was finally done I thought to myself, "finally sleep"; this was at about 6:30a. So 8am rolls around and I'm still up, but start knocking out. At 9a I'm awoken once again! This time, by an Entenmann's truck that gets stuck at the corner of our block.  Now I find it hilarious that we can't get the garbage truck or a plow or the mail man or the UPS truck to come to our neck of the woods. But fat asses of the Bronx rejoice because we can get our donuts & cakes! He was stuck there and looked so confused; he just didn't know what to do, as if snow was foreign to him. At least there was one good Samaritan out there, who helped the guy dig his tires out so he could turn and keep trucking and feeding the fatty fat fats of the BX.

So if you're asking yourself what's wrong with this chick, I think it's more than obvious that I am very bitter. I'm on vacation from work this week and have been stuck indoors for 3 days straight. I missed out on seeing my cousin who came in from Florida, missed out on a dinner date with one of my besties and haven't had a chance to go see my goddaughter all due to SNOW! So all I have to say to Mother Nature in all its splendor, that it can take this "picturesque snow" that people love so much and were hoping to see all weekend, and it can shove it! I say NO TO SNOW!

Well I hope you're all enjoying your holidays & vacation and are living it up to the fullest. :)

Happy Blogging All

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