Monday, November 18, 2013

Babalu-Oh No!!

I'm pretty sure that Luci & Desi roll over in their graves everyday this place is allowed to stay open and retain the name, Bablau's.  Okay, I admit, maybe I'm jumping into the negative too quickly, so I’ll start slowly & nicely; something Bablau’s (a restaurant in the East Tremont section of the Bronx. I won't give the exact location because they don't need more attention than I'm already giving them with this blog) doesn't understand.

Positives:  The waiters are really good.  They were very attentive during my dining experience, and kept bringing over more of that garlicky white sauce for the chips.  That’s probably the BEST thing they have here.  The cocktails are also pretty good & pack a good punch for people trying to get tipsy fast.  Who doesn't love a drink like that?

Semi-Positive: The food is okay.  Everything tasted fine, but it’s not something I’d share with my friends and tell them they just have to go there.  I’ve mainly gone back for that garlic sauce & the freestyle they play on Saturday’s.  Though I would have appreciated if they'd explain that the dinner portions were NOT for sharing.  Two friends of mine decided to share the Churrasco (which I remember being a much larger portion when I went at the beginning of this year.)  When the food came out, my poor friends were left wide eyed staring at what was placed in front of them.  A 4 year old could have eaten that meal on their own.  However, they were at least satisfied with the taste of everything.

The NEGATIVE:  Ahh, and here we are!  My main reason for writing this review, is to actually review the Manager, and is why I feel that they don’t deserve to have the “wholesome” name of, Babalu’s.  Hmmm, okay, maybe wholesome is too much, but when you think of Luci & Desi, and you think of Bablau’s, you think nice, right?  Fun?  A good time had by all?  Well this individual, with a clear Napoleon complex, had to be the rudest person I've ever encountered in any restaurant.  Mr. John Rivera (which hurts, because my mom is a Rivera, and the Rivera’s are AWESOME people. Thanks for giving them a bad name, John) greeted a friend and I at the door.  He came up politely at first asking if we had a reservation.  I told him we were meeting some friends, pointed to them, and before I could even begin walking towards them, he just walked away.  I thought it was strange the way he did that, but ignored it. We waited about another 10 minutes to sit down, and were finally brought to our table.  At this time it was around 9:45p/9:50, and we were right in the corner, by the hostess podium.  I thought great seating, at the time, because we were out of the way of the bar and everyone standing around.  As we were opening our napkins, Napoleon (yes, readers, that’s my new name for him), came over and THREW the drink menus at us, to the point where they made a very loud smack against the table, when they landed.  If you think I’m exaggerating, just imagine (if you’ve been) how loud the music is there and with people talking all around us, including our table, how this sound made us all stop in mid-sentences, because we were startled by the sound.  We all just looked at each other confused, like, what the heck just happened?

Moving on, we ate, we drank, and were generally having a good time, until one of my friends asked for another drink.  That’s when the waiter informed us that while he could bring her another drink, he would also need to bring us our check.  Why you ask?  Well apparently they needed to set up the DJ in that particular section and needed us to move.  So here are my main questions: 1. Why would you sit customers in a section you would need them to vacate within an hour.  Have you been out with 6 women? Do they do anything in an hour?  2. Why wouldn't the next option be to move us to another table?  We agreed that we were done eating and since we’d already decided we were going to stay and drink there, that we would just move to the bar.  We received our bills, paid, and while most of us weren't even done signing our names, Napoleon came over with an extremely RUDE & NASTY attitude, motioned to us to move (like dismissing us) and said, “We need this table right now, and we need you to move.”  Now I have a lot of friends who work in restaurants, many of which are managers, so I know the protocol.  In situations like that most Managers approach you with something along the lines of an apology, “Excuse me ladies but we do need this section. Please feel free to move over to the bar or another table” etc.  Some might even go the extra mile and give you a drink on the house for the inconvenience.  But no, because why would Napoleon care about paying customers who were actually planning on staying there the whole night to spend more money on food & drinks. 

I’m not saying the place is completely bad, I’m just sharing with you my experience, and isn’t that what blogging is all about.  Hey, I mentioned the high points didn’t I?  So see, I’m not a complete hater, as one of my friends said.  Yes, I have friends who have been here, and still go, and have a great time.  However, I just can’t say the same for myself or the friends I was with that night, and maybe that’s because we had the misfortune of dealing with, Napoleon.  So take this “review” how you’d like and feel free to comment back whether you agree or disagree. J

Disappointed Babalu’s Patron,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's Get Over Ourselves, Please.

I find it hard to understand how people can make any situation, no matter how big or small, somehow about them.

Woman 1: "I'm having a birthday party and I can't wait to see everyone."
Woman 2: "Wait. Is Sarah going? If she's going, I'm not!"

It seems nowadays, people can't have or enjoy something nice for themselves, without someone coming to steal their thunder or make it about them. It's as if they have this psychotic notion that all the decisions people make should be run by them, at least once for approval. Well surprise, surprise, life suckers, that is NOT real life.  So, I bring up this topic because of a situation a friend of mine recently went through, and something I've gone through, recently, myself.

A friend of mine, we'll call her Veronica, had sent out an invite to her housewarming party.  As soon as the invite went out, she received a text from a friend letting her know that it was likely she would not attend because someone else was going.  She continued that she had no idea that Veronica and this person were really that close, and that Veronica should have really thought about inviting this other girl and her.  Apparently these ladies had a bit of a history, something that Veronica really didn't know, nor wanted to get involved with.  And why should she?  She just wanted people who she cares about and have been with her on the journey to get a new home, to enjoy the experience with her.  A fun and exciting adventure for my friend, was now being overshadowed by something so trivial. And yes, these ladies are in their 30's.  Veronica told her that it would be up to her if she attended, but she understood if she didn't.  She was very upset about it, and I was just pissed off for her.  How dare this girl make it about her?  This is Veronica's event, and she has no issues with you or the other girl, so why make it such a big deal.  You must feel guilty about something, and are now trying to convince others to see your point of view, so that you can save face.  Well I'm sorry, but that is your cross to bear, not hers!

Now I bring you to my story.  About two years ago I dated someone who introduced me, as most guys do, to all his friends and family.  I became pretty good friends with one of his female friends, and after he and I broke up, we still remained friends.  Well she became engaged to one of their other friends, and I couldn't have been happier knowing the history of the two and how they got there.  When I heard of their engagement, I was over the moon for them; they deserve it and so much more.  When I spoke to her she had mentioned that she would love to invite me, but that my ex-boyfriend would be uncomfortable, and therefore couldn't.  My first thought wasn't, oh that sucks. No, my first thought was, who's getting married here? Him or you?  I couldn't understand if you really wanted someone to share in your big day, why you would allow someone else to prevent that.  I also couldn't understand that how out of 125 guests, my one person, could make you uncomfortable, especially since he had cheated & broken up with me, and would most likely be there with that person.  Now me, never letting things go, eventually called him and asked him what the issue was that he had with me, and we "cleared" the air.  Now while I haven't mentioned this to her, and I won't, it still baffles me that people can have such an effect on others decisions.  I understand that they are truly best friends, and I'm sort of the outsider coming in.  However, when its something special that you want (or say you want), how does someone else's making a mistake, become an issue for you, where you then have to change your plans, to accommodate them. It makes absolutely no sense.

Why people make others such a factor in our decision making, I will never understand.  I've done it in the past, and have decided, as I've gotten older, that it's just not worth it.  If you plan something, and people want to be apart of it, then great.  If they don't, because someone going is going to wear white after Labor Day, and they just can't support that idea, well then I say, with a great big smile, well that's just too bad.  My opinion is, that with all the crap we have to deal with in this world, we should not have to take on others insecurities and garbage.  So let's get over ourselves and realize that there are other people in the world, and that the world itself, does not revolve around us.

Hugs & Kisses Friends,
La Latina Loquita.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Grievances

As I've said before, and I will likely say many more times to come, I can't stand liars.  Sure, if you want to lie about your weight, your age or you dick size/bra cup, I could care less.  But when people lie about big things such as, "No, I never slept with your boyfriend", and meanwhile you walked in on them, that is when I get annoyed.  And no, that's never happened, I'm just using it as an example, no matter how extreme an example it may be.  I understand people try to save face and avoid conflict, but is it really necessary?  One of the things that upsets me even more is lying when no one even asked you for the "truth".  It seems that so many people just want to talk to simply talk.  There isn't any substance behind what they're saying, you can clearly see everything they're spewing is bullshit, and yet they continue to try and feed you this garbage.  What's even worse is when these people are "friends".  And when you can instantly tell that the "friend" is lying, you know it's time to reevaluate how, or if, this person fits into your life.

And no, I don't pretend to be an angel, because sure I've lied too.  Contrary to what you may believe, I am not perfect ;).   BUT when I lie, I lie right back to the people who are lying to me.  For example: Guy: No, I don't have a girlfriend. I just put "in a relationship" so that girls won't bother me. You're the only chick I'm messing with.  Me: Yea, me too.  Just you and I. (Meanwhile, I know for a FACT you have a girlfriend and guess what? I've got someone I see too...) Eye for an eye, right? Trust me, I understand the old adage, two wrongs don't make a right.  However, if you're going to disrespect me enough to not offer me the truth or be honest with me, then why should I give you that courtesy.  Do me the favor, do not insult my intelligence and do not under estimate my keen sense on sorting out the real from the fake.  I will make it plain and simple for people, don't lie to me and I won't lie to you.  If I ask you something and you feel like you can't tell me the truth, then just stay shut. I can then make the decision if you stay around or not.  AND if I don't ask you anything, because chances are I don't give a flying fuck, don't feel the need to go and "explain" yourself, when all you plan on doing is feeding me more bullshit.  That actually pisses me off more than anything. JUST STAY QUIET!!!  And now, the fact that I've said "feed(ing)" about 12 times, makes me now want a brownie. So this is where I'll leave it.

La Latina Loquita

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Video Clip Wednesday: Ladies Anthem

Yes, I am on a mission to get people to listen to Marina and The Diamonds.  BUT, that's not why I've posted this video.  Besides the fact that I think it's super catchy, I think that these are rules that us ladies should live by.  So take a listen and let me know if you agree.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Delusions of Grandeur

In today's world, and heck probably before our time, people have a tendency to stretch the truth or just out right lie.  Lies can start of small and work themselves into bigger and deeper ones.  Now you all know how I feel about lying, no matter how small it is.  I truly don't see the point in it.  I've always tried to speak my mind and tell people how I feel, even if I know it will upset them.  And yes, this goes for people I don't know either.  When I meet someone, I don't feel it necessary to hold back, but I also don't find it necessary to lie or talk myself up into something I'm not.  That brings us to the topic at hand.

Lately I've been dating and meeting new "men", and I've found they all have one common trait: they're all full of shit!  Now don't get me wrong, before I get men attacking me for once again not giving them the benefit of the doubt. I'm not saying EVERY man lies or is full of it.  However, in my experience, it just seems to go hand in hand with men.  Lying comes as naturally as scratching their balls; it's in their genes.  And you know what, it's actually not just my experience.  I was hanging out with a friend recently and she told me a story of how she met a great guy and they started on that journey of "getting to know you."  He talked about how he wanted to find a great girl and settle down. He told her all these great things, and it wasn't that she ate it up with a spoon, but she had no reason to believe he was lying.  She didn't necessary fall for everything he was selling, but she felt she could at least relate & agree with him.  They decided to go on a date, and when it was about to end, he suggested her going with him to meet his parents, that evening.  She thought, it was a bit much too soon, so she declined.  For about two weeks they continuing speaking & things seemed to be going well.  But then, it began to dwindle to almost nothing.  She decided to contact him one day and tell him she thought his communication was slipping.  Suddenly the guy who was ready to settle down & find a great girl, told her that she needed someone who was more attentive and that the timing was off.  Now most people reading this are probably thinking, "Well you can't believe everything people tell you." or "Well he was probably only looking for one thing, and told you all those things to try and get it." Except, friends, he didn't even get IT.  And if it was for that, then don't you think he went about it the wrong way?! So then why all the bullshit in the beginning, to then just go MIA; what was the purpose?!

Now that brings me to the two instances that I have gone through.  The first is a guy who I've always had a crush on.  Smart, funny, great job and total player.  I figured out long ago that he would probably just be a friends with benefits kind of "friend" and as much as I liked him, I thought, so be it.  And while you all know I DON'T condone that kind of relationship, sometimes a girls "needs" need to be met; SORRY MOM, but come on, am I right ladies... *wait's for high fives*... Moving along.  Now I told this guy that I understood that this was the nature of our relationship and I was completely okay with it.  But he kept saying, "Well let's see where it goes." and, "You never know." and blah blah blah.  He kept saying all these things, that I suppose he thought I wanted to hear. But I didn't. I was completely comfortable with what was going on and I made it quite clear I was. So again, why all the bullshit?  We both know what this is, so who exactly are you trying to convince here? Or is that what you really want? And that's where more confusion comes in.

My second situation, and I'll keep this short, happened more recently.  I met someone, who at first my gut said, "You should steer clear from of situation.", however none of the reasons I thought of were, he's going to try and sell you some story.  We spoke for a short time, and it was actually a great conversation.  During our talk he told me about what he was looking for, blah blah blah and how into me he was and that we should try to see where things could go and even mentioned going on a date soon.  I decided to throw caution to the wind (and yes, I know you're thinking, "Hello, they signs were already there", but they weren't the signs you think.) I said okay, lets see where it could go.  We spoke for a few days and then *POOF*, he mysteriously, and with no explanation, pulled a Houdini and vanished.  It made completely no sense to me.  You pursued me and said you wanted to go on a date; not the other way around.  So of course I'm left saying, "Huh? What was the point of saying all that stuff?"

Now I've asked others, men and woman alike, why these guys would lie and feed us these bullshit fantasy lines. They say, simply because we believe it.  I've been told that women should never buy into what men say and that we should always assume that men will always make things up, make themselves out to be these great people and will just basically be douchebags.  So my question is, if I'm suppose to assume that everything that comes out of a man's mouth is pure garbage, then how am I suppose to ever get into and make a relationship work?  How do people move into that next phase, if they're already going into the situation assuming the worse of the person?  Now I'm not saying you should believe every single thing a person says, and of course you should be cautious. However, I just can't fathom being able to really get to know someone by playing these games and believing every person I meet is going to bullshit me; especially not at my age.  See, those things were cute when we were in our early 20's, but at this point, you would think, even if someone didn't want a relationship, the could at least be honest and upfront and say what it is they do want.  And if we are to accept the idea that everyone has an agenda and will lie to you, then what about the lines of, "You can't carry the baggage of what someone did to you before, into the future" or "You can't believe everyone is a liar."  If I'm believing everything he says is a lie, isn't that exactly what I'm doing?

Dating is a confusing thing and if this is what the "game" is, then I'd like no part of it. No, thanks! So I'm thinking, ladies, that we just get ourselves a great vibrator, and that'll probably be our best bet for now. And no, that is NOT bitter.  That simply means, we've gotta have some kind of fun until the men decide to wise up and be honest; no matter what that honesty entails.  So lets grab a glass of wine, read our filthy 50 Shades of whatever and say, "Screw you relationships & your delusions of grandeur!" :)

No Longer Accepting Delusions,
La Latina Loquita