Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Grievances

As I've said before, and I will likely say many more times to come, I can't stand liars.  Sure, if you want to lie about your weight, your age or you dick size/bra cup, I could care less.  But when people lie about big things such as, "No, I never slept with your boyfriend", and meanwhile you walked in on them, that is when I get annoyed.  And no, that's never happened, I'm just using it as an example, no matter how extreme an example it may be.  I understand people try to save face and avoid conflict, but is it really necessary?  One of the things that upsets me even more is lying when no one even asked you for the "truth".  It seems that so many people just want to talk to simply talk.  There isn't any substance behind what they're saying, you can clearly see everything they're spewing is bullshit, and yet they continue to try and feed you this garbage.  What's even worse is when these people are "friends".  And when you can instantly tell that the "friend" is lying, you know it's time to reevaluate how, or if, this person fits into your life.

And no, I don't pretend to be an angel, because sure I've lied too.  Contrary to what you may believe, I am not perfect ;).   BUT when I lie, I lie right back to the people who are lying to me.  For example: Guy: No, I don't have a girlfriend. I just put "in a relationship" so that girls won't bother me. You're the only chick I'm messing with.  Me: Yea, me too.  Just you and I. (Meanwhile, I know for a FACT you have a girlfriend and guess what? I've got someone I see too...) Eye for an eye, right? Trust me, I understand the old adage, two wrongs don't make a right.  However, if you're going to disrespect me enough to not offer me the truth or be honest with me, then why should I give you that courtesy.  Do me the favor, do not insult my intelligence and do not under estimate my keen sense on sorting out the real from the fake.  I will make it plain and simple for people, don't lie to me and I won't lie to you.  If I ask you something and you feel like you can't tell me the truth, then just stay shut. I can then make the decision if you stay around or not.  AND if I don't ask you anything, because chances are I don't give a flying fuck, don't feel the need to go and "explain" yourself, when all you plan on doing is feeding me more bullshit.  That actually pisses me off more than anything. JUST STAY QUIET!!!  And now, the fact that I've said "feed(ing)" about 12 times, makes me now want a brownie. So this is where I'll leave it.

La Latina Loquita

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  1. Motherfuckers!! Ugh, I can't stand liars. The truth is always better.