Monday, July 9, 2012

This is crazy, but I'm back...Maybe

I can't believe the last time I posted was back in March! So many things have happened, come and gone, and changed in my life, which means I have lots and lots to share.  I hope to be able to post a little more often and keep you all up to date on the crazy going on's in my life.  Because obviously you all still care, or you wouldn't still be coming back...right? :)

This quicky blog is just to let you know that I'm back!...I know I've said this multiple times before, but here's hoping life stays calm and allows me to write at least 2 to 3 times a week.  What's actually hysterical is I have about 8 blogs saved, I just need to fine-tune them. I can't have you all reading gibberish...Well I mean it's gibberish anyway, but if I'm subjecting you to it, it should at least be gibberish that's tolerable.  Also, I've set my blog to "Adult".  While I don't intend to get overly graphic, there are instances where I'd like to be a little more free with my writing, and have held myself back, in case the wrong eyes gander over here.  While I'm sure the change won't keep them out, at least I know I'm doing my part. So with all that said, check back this week for one of my new blogs. I'm pretty sure, you'll enjoy and get a good laugh at it and my luck. ;)

La Latina Loquita

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  1. New reader, now a fan! Your style is similar to mine. I can't wait to read more :).