Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is it his twin?!

Once upon a time, there was a girl who waited a long time to become intimate with a boy she really really liked.  She told herself she would wait until they were exclusive before hitting the sheets & showing her "wild side".  However, one day, it was not the fact that they were not boyfriend and girlfriend, that stopped them from gettin' their groove on.  No, it was his twin that halted there expedition...or something like it.

Before I continue, I will say that no, there was not another person in the room.  Get your mind out of the gutter people. This girl, is a lady.

So, on that day, the boy and girl began to passionately kiss, and both of them knew they could not wait any longer. They moved their heavy petting into the bedroom, where he proceeded to take off her shirt, and her, his.  As he moved his hands down her back she felt such a joy just fill inside her and she was lit like a candle.  As she began to return the favor, reaching from his shoulders, down to his hips, she stopped mid way down his torso.  While he did not notice her reaction...because it was dark and no one could see anything... her eyes POPPED open.  "What in the fucking world is this?", she thought to herself.  "I can't see it, but it's huge. Is it a tumor? Why is it so big (it NOT being, well, IT)? This is disgusting? MY GOD WHAT IS THIS?!" She continued freaking out and her mood, obviously, changed, but she tried to carry on.  But the more she tried to focus on the real task at hand, she just couldn't get it together.  The girl just could not figure out what this thing was, that seemed to poke out of his waist like an uninvited guest. "My God, what if it's a piece of his twin that they cut off at birth? Baby Jesus, what the hell kinda Twilight Zone episode have I gotten myself into!"

Finally she put a halt to the situation, telling the boy that as much as she wanted to move forward, she must stick to her rules of only having sex while in committed relationship.  The boy understood, and kissed her sweetly on the forehead.  They then just laid there and he put her had over his stomach.  By this time, the girl had calmed down and as she began to forget about the incident, she gently glided her hand down his waist and again there it was.  Before upchucking her dinner, she decided, it would be best to end the night.  As they made their way, looking for shirts and socks that had been thrown in a gust of passion, the boy turned on the light.  He moved around quickly, all while the girl kept trying to search, without begin caught, to find what the fuck it was she felt on his body.  He turned and gave her one of her socks, and as he did, there it was.  What once felt like a baseball, a tumor, another freaking person, was right there in front of her, almost eye to eye. It was.... A MOLE!


Yes, just a little mole.  But not unlike a review mirror, where objects can appear closer than they are, this mole appeared to be the size of the moon, in the dark.  So I say to you blogger friends & readers - freakin' check the merchandise in the LIGHT, before you start making moves! Forget all this "in the dark stuff", or you may be in for a BIG surprise; even if it's just a little one.

Til Next Time!
La Latina Loquita

*Mole Photo Credit*


  1. Absolutely!! Love this blog post!


  3. I love that you ladies can understand and enjoy these types of topics. LOL