Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Grievances

Yesterday was Easter, and what a wonderful Easter it was.  We rejoiced in the fact that Jesus had risen, we were with family, and in NYC for just a little bit, the sun was shinning gloriously!  At our house an Easter Egg hunt, (Yes, my mother does an egg hunt for me and my sister. Who cares I'm the age that I am, she does it still and i revel in it), where my sister and I walked away with tons of prizes!  There was also a beautiful and delicious feast that was prepared for the family by my incredibly talented in the kitchen momma: Churrasco (Steak), Chimichurri Sauce, Yellow Rice, Mashed Potatoes (because I'm a baby), Garlic Shrimp and to keep us healthy, a Salad.  It was a GREAT day.

Now with all that wonderfulness, I have to get to the point of this blog, because it's Monday, and that's what we do here on Mondays.  The topic: Manners & Respect! Or a lack thereof.  Yesterday we went to Church; I even got my boyfriend to come along.  Now we may not go to Church every single Sunday, but when we do go we appreciate it, feel it's peace and are comforted by the emotions we get when we walk into that building.  I remember going when I was younger and it being such a strict experience.  There was no talking, no walking around in the middle of the service and definitely no answering your cell phone!  So please, someone tell me when it became appropriate to do all these things in the house of the Lord?  You're suppose to be paying attention to the word of the Lord, and here you are using it as coffee talk hour.  Now I won't pretend that I sometimes make comments during Mass.  Like when our priest who has a strong spanish acent tries to pronoucne something in English, I'll make a job.  But for the most part I'm extremely respectful, not only to the preist but to the other church patrons.

Yesterday, I saw children walking around and playing in the back of the Church as if it were a playground.  I guess some parents grouped them together and sat them in the back, and then sat closer to the front.  These kids were reading magazines, chit chatting and having a grand ol' time.  I was in shock.  When I was younger, wasn't even allowed to heavy breathe, without someone giving me a stern look or a wack across the back of the head by a teacher (I went to Catholic School).  Another kid (about 3yrs old) just walked out of the pew, over a bunch of people, to grab his stroller and start racing it around for second.  Another girl kept whining and yelling because she wanted her sisters cell phone; she also had a bag of chips, which the floor had more of than she did.  Someone please tell me what happened to manners and respect? I'm sorry unless you're under the age of 2, children should already have developed the idea of what's right and wrong.  When did parents give up the parent role and just allow the kids to do what they want?  Oh wait, I guess kids learn from the parents and that's why they're acting up.

During mass I also saw two people using their cell phones.  One woman sitting in front of us, looked back as if she considered taking the call outside. But instead, just ducked her head a little more and continued talking.  Another couple behind us was laughing and talking throughout the entire service.  And my favorite part, were some of the outfits.  Now even I do go to Church with skirts or dresses.  However I find it extremely inappropriate for people to come in with their boobs hanging out, their muffin tops poking out from a shirt that is clearly not a belly shirt, but because of the chi-chos* (love handles) the shirt is raised up.  One woman sitting in front of us, knelt down and I immediately saw butt crack.  And when she stood up, there it remained, while she took a good 2 minutes to finally raise up her pants and fix her shirt.  Another disrespectful instance is coming in when you know service is over in about 20mins.  Catholic services usually last between 1 hour and 1 hour & a half.  Now if Mass was scheduled to start at 12, why would you stroll in at 1:45?  Why even come? Are you trying to make yourself feel better because at least you went?  Do you think you're impressing God? He saw you come in late, he's not blind.

It truly aggravates me seeing the lack of respect so many people have in this world.  But it irritates me even more when in one of the few places you should be respectful, nice and courteous, most people can't handle it.  If you have no real desire to be there, or would rather be doing something else that you can't seem to focus for an hour and change, then you really shouldn't go at all.  You're not giving it your full attention, so why bother.  I guess that's just how I feel about the situation. I know being a child of God, I shouldn't really judge anyone. But when you interfere with my time to worship, well then I have to be a little rude too.

Anyway, like I said, all in all our Easter Sunday was a beautiful one and I hope all of our Easter Sunday was a wonderful one as well.  Happy Blogging!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday's

Today I'm thankful for the fact that this weekend it's finally Easter.  Now to get the sacrilegious part of my thankfulness out of the way, I'm thankful because I'll be able to have a Cosmo again!  Yes, if you'll all remember, I gave up hard liquor for Lent.  And of course with my luck, this Lent season it seemed everyone came out of the woodwork and wanted to have a party.  Now I rarely go out, contrary to what my mother will tell you.  The most I do is go to my boyfriends house and I'm usual a second away from knocking out.  So here I thought (serves me right) that giving up hard liquor would be sensible and easy. Well was I wrong and stupid.  It really slapped me back to reality that giving something up for Lent, or even doing more of something, isn't about being sensible and easy.  Jesus gave up his life for us.  Was that easy? Pretty sure it wasn't. 

So this was probably one of the hardest seasons of Lent that I've experienced.  Giving up the cocktails. Then  giving up meat on Friday's, which always seems difficult as well, & I'm still not sure why.  Any other day of the week I can go without eating meat.  But tell me I CAN'T eat it, well then I'm going nuts because I can't find anything else to eat.  I also tried to curse less, and that lasted maybe a week; which for me is good, but not good enough.  And though it seems like I'm still complaining, I'm really not.  These little sacrifices are honestly the least we can do, considering all the other crap and trouble we get ourselves into every other day during the year.

So I'm not only thankful that Easter is this weekend because I can finally have a good drink. No, I'm thankful because its one of the rare times that our family can get together, go to church, have a big breakfast and then later a big dinner.  My mom usually makes me and my sister Easter baskets; no, I'm not ashamed that I'm the age that I am and still get a basket.  This year she's doing something different for us, and having an egg hunt.  Each egg we find we'll be full of some kind of delicious goodies and we can't wait to hunt!  So for us Easter is about not only rejoicing in the sacrifices Jesus made for us, or the miniscule sacrifices we try to make and still complain about.  It's about being with family and enjoying the fact that we're together, strong and still standing after all of life's tribulations.  So I'm thankful for this Easter and everyday I have with my loved ones! 

So what are you thankful for?

Happy Blogging All!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No, I don't really need a "Macho Macho Man"

So when did emotions + men= taboo?  I know I'm jumping into this, but I really don't know any other way to start this topic... OK, this all came up after having various conversations with friends of mine, and realizing so many of us have experienced very similar situations with the men in our lives.  They seem to feel the need to act "hard" 24/7, never letting anyone see that they too can be vulnerable... Ever since I began dating at the tender at of 13, the boys/men I've dated have all be very strict when revealing their emotions, or lack there of.  I guess this may be because everyone that I've dated has been Puerto Rican, and our PR boys are instilled with the Macho gene at birth.  What is the "Macho" gene you ask?  Well, this gene is the one that fills the brain with the idea that boys/men don't cry, don't get emotional, don't hug, don't say I love you or other romantic sayings or cute phrases, don't back down from a fight, don't let a woman tell them what to do, etc.  For example when you're watching The Notebook with him, he says it's all bullshit and the guy who wrote it is a *insert choice word here*.  Or when a guy happens to look his way while you're out shopping, and he thinks he wants to start a fight because he's "starin' at me mad hard".  Yes, that is the "Macho" gene, and I for one HATE IT!  And I can't just blame the fathers, or the uncles, or even the mother's who treat them like even if they slaughter a litter of kittens, they're the best things since fried pickles.  But, it's also their friends, who make them feel like any type of emotion they express, especially if it's in front of their man group, they're less than one of the boys.

Now don't get me wrong, I love a strong man.  A man, that if I'm falling apart, will be strong enough to help me off the ground.  However, I can't stand a man that will help me off the ground, and then tell me to man up and get over it.  Ummm no, I'm not a man, I don't have to "man up".  Yes, I and the rest of the world know that, you have a set of balls and you want to swing them around to show you're tough.  However, when it's you and your woman, you're allowed to give them a rest and let 'em just hang low.  I'm not saying we want our men to cry while watching a sappy movie like Steel Magnolias or following us around all day everyday like a puppy dog.  But we definitely don't need you yelling in our ear that "the bitch got what she deserved" or ignoring us when we've set up plans, but now the boys want to do something and you have to go.  I mean honestly must you make comments all the time, especially when they're so idiotic, just because it may not be what you're into.  Can you really not say no to your friends, becuase if you do, then immediately you're "pu**y whipped".  Who exactly are you trying to prove that you're big and bad, to.  When you're with the boys you can act like you eat rocks and shit boulders for all we care.  But when you're with your woman, let your guard down and show a little emotion, and stop acting as if the "Macho Man" alarm is going to go off if you say something, dare we say, sweet & caring, and then for sure you're out of the He-Man Woman Haters Club.  Trust me when I say, no one is watching you, it's OK to let us in and let us know something out there makes your little troll heart tick.  And no, telling us that we look good enough to eat or that you can't wait to tear are clothes off and make sweet monkey love to us, is NOT our idea of romantic or letting us in on how you feel.  And no crying when you're favorite sport team loses, or finally wins after 20 years of losing, doesn't count either.  We understand hunger, sex and sports are constantly on your mind, but we need you to have just a little more finesses than that.   I'm telling you right now, if I ever get married, and that man doesn't cry when he sees me coming down that aisle (and no not because his life is over; I already know that comment is coming) with his own vows written, and shows that he's soooo happy, because I'm so beautiful and he's so happy he's found THE ONE after years of searching.  Oh you best believe there will not be any sweetness on that Honeymoon. HA!

So ladies, and yes please men chime in on this subject too, what do you think about Men & Emotions?  Should they be like two peas in a pod, at least some of the time? Or should we just accept that many men refuse to let those walls down and let butterflies and gumdrops into their world?  I want to hear what you ALL have to say.

Happy Blogging (& debating) All!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Grievances

Soap Opera Cartoon
So if you know me at all, today's post shouldn't surprise you in the least.  Yes, today I'm going to tackle the news that was told to us all last week, destroying the lives of students, stay at home mom's and unemployed gals (& some guys) like myself.  The end of two wonderfully entertaining shows, All My Children and One Life To Live, will come to an end this September and January 2012, respectively.  I am completely outraged and extremely disturbed by this news.  Soaps have been apart of my life since I was born!  And their going to be replaced by health and food shows, which already have whole channels dedicated to that type of programming.  Yes, ABC, that's what many people are watching.  However!, that's not what your viewers are watching.  Soap Opera's still get pretty decent ratings, especially compared to many other daytime programs.  I know this, because I worked as an AD Buyer; it's my job to know about ratings and all that hoopla.

Like I said, Soap Opera's have been apart of my life since I was born.  I grew up watching them with my mom, grandmother, aunt's and even my dad at times.  These shows are full of magic, mystery, fun and crazy story lines that even if you hate them, you secretly love them.  The imagination of Soap Writers is really an amazing thing.  It's not as if they have to just think of story lines every season, but Soaps go on and on, so their constantly having to come up with new, fresh and crazy ideas to not only keep the Soap alive but to keep the viewers going, "Damn, I can't believe they did that."  Soap Opera's make us cry, make us laugh, make us wonder and even make us get some of our own crazy ideas.  They are apart of pop culture history.  Who can forget the wedding of Luke & Laura (GH, will be the only remaining Soap on ABC)?  The many marriages and escapades of miss Erica Kane?  Or when Viki revealed that she had DID?  Or when Jessie died on AMC and was brought back to life a few years ago and reunited with Angie?  Soap Operas haven't just brought us numerous laughs, tears and questionable story lines, but they've also helped launch the careers of numerous actors and actresses that we love: John Stamos, Meg Ryan, Ryan Phillippe (first gay character on a Soap, I believe), Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, Hayden Panettiere, Josh Duhamel, etc.   Hell even having a very successful career as a Hollywood A-lister, James Franco tried is hand at Soaps, and even admitted that acting on a show like that was a lot tougher and restrictive than acting on a movie set.  These shows are sort of a College for actors and actresses to start testing out their acting chops and prepares them to jump into the scary world of Hollywood.  And if you ask me, some of the best acting I've seen has been on Soaps!  Bree Williamson on OLTL always gets my tears running in her role as Jessica.  And as Tess (her DID personality; 'cause you know she's gotta have one) makes me laugh my butt off.  I remember years ago when Megan, a huge character on OLTL & one of my mothers' favorites, died after battling some disease; I don't remember, I was young.  But I do remember being moved to tears at the emotion between the two characters in the scene.  It was at that point my dream became to work on a Soap Opera.  I wanted to be onscreen, behind the screen, cleaning out their garbage, anything having to do with Soap Operas! 

I mean come on people.  What are we doing to our Soaps?!  Programs that have brought us so much and been around soooo long, are just "poof!", gone.  Anywhere you go you can make an Erica Kane reference, and almost everyone will know what you're talking about.  These shows are so precious to so many of us and for so many different reasons.  Only on a Soap can people be possessed by the devil one day and then after some freaky exorcism everything is honky dory.  Only on a Soap can you root for the bad guy, and not feel guilty about it, because hey, he has the best lines.  Only on a Soap can a person lose their memory more times than they change their under-wear...or a lover.  Only on a Soap can someone's face be changed, because the actor decides to leave the show, and everyone is OK with that; Remember Blair on OLTL? She was originally Asian. Ha!  Only on a Soap do people come back from the dead severely years later (I'm still in shock they brought Jessie back on AMC; he's played on angel guiding some of the characters numerous times, hahaha.)  Only on a Soap can someone survive some deadly disease, be shot 20 times and still make it out alive.  Only on a Soap can you find out that 20 years ago a character really had twins, not just one child like you've thought, and that they were switched one day while you & that character were taking a nap.  Only on a Soap can a everyone in the town have slept together, and it's all gravy.  And only on a Soap (except for maybe Maury) can the paternity of a child go on as a mystery for years and then BAM! ruin the lives of everyone on that show; and the mother isn't considered a whore.  This and so many other exciting, thrilling, romantic, dangerous reasons, are why Soap Fans everywhere, though we may be fewer than most fans, are determined, loyal & powerful, and now completely devastated by this news.

We've already lost other great Soap Operas such as Guiding Light, As The World Turns, and for what?  To be replaced with programming no one cares about.  I'm sorry that new Let's Make A Deal show, is horrible.  Or they replace it with re-runs of shows airing on sister networks.  All these actors and crew members will be out of a job, so some fat guy can tell us how to cook a good meal? Puhlease!   I know many of you reading this might not care or not understand why I'm so passionate about it, but I just am.  So I will be apart of any crusade out there that's intentions are to save our Soaps; Soaps I'll always remember with love and devotion.  If you'd like to be apart of it also you can call here to SAVE OUR SOAPS!!!: ABC Comment Line 818-460-7477 ext:255 for AMC ext 663 for OLTL.  And if ABC won't listen, I'm sure there are other channels out there that could pick up not only these two GREAT shows, but a lot of loyal viewers that would follow these soaps to the ends of the earth.  Because to us, they're not just shows, their our guilty pleasures that we're not at all really guilty about; their our livelihood...Yea, I went there. :)

That's all for today's Grievances.  I have to go call some people and yell at them now. Yea, I'm talking to you ABC!  :) 

Happy Blogging All!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Grievances - Leave Homegirl Alone


It used to be that female "issues" was a private thing that you kept to yourself or only spoke about with your doctor.  Then it became that barriers where broken and everyone decided it wasn't taboo to talk about the various things that can plague women and their nether regions.  So ads & commericals for female "issues" became the norm.  Commercials mostly aired during Soap Operas & talk shows like The View and so forth, and things were "A-OK" as they were targeting women.  Now working in the advertising business for the past 3 1/2 years, I understood how and why companies chose these hours/shows, and of course it made sense; women should know about these things.  But then, not only did these commercials air in abundance, but I started to see them slither into other programs, and many of them weren't during daytime hours.  I mean why are we airing Panty-liner or Yeast Infection commercials during Maury, Jerry Springer or Jeopardy (or at all)?  I began to wonder and get really pissed off about this.  Why in the hell does the entire world need to know so much about our lady business?

Now, I will admit that there are MANY women out there that don't know how to take care of themselves properly.  So yes, I'll agree that these commercials should be in THIER faces all day long.  In fact someone should lock them in a room, strapped to a chair with their eyes forced open so they learn the right way to clean and take care of their "homegirl."  I mean ladies, if you don't know what a feminine wipe is, you need to go back and talk to your mom and figure it out.  HOWEVER, it's not the women that are finding out information and using it. Hell many women I know usually change the channel at these commercials, because their bored and/or already know the deal and don't care.  So it's really the men, who are now possessing waaaaaay to much information about what's going on down under.  I remember sitting down watching television one day with a guy and him asking me, during a "feminine itch" commercial, if I had the "itchy's" and if it was common in all women, and then he went on and on with other questions.  First of all, no I don't have the "itchy's".  Second of all, really? Who the hell asks such questions.  And third of all, I'm not asking about your jock itch, so mind your business about my homegirl.   I mean really, why so many commercials about these things.  "Do you ever feel not so fresh."  How about, "Do you ever feel like you're being exposed thanks to us spilling the beans on your possible vag issues?"  Not every girl in the world experiences the "itchy's", or burning sensations, or bad smells.  But with the rampant commercials that air day in and day out, it seems like we all have some type of funky situation going on.  It aggravates me to no end when I see these commercials.  And it isn't as if they offer some explanation for these symptoms.  Men see these commercials and think, "Damn! If a girl has that it must be because she's dirty."  Meanwhile there are many cases where these symptoms come about because of using a wrong detergent or soap and your body is sensitive or even eating a food that can affect you.  But no, these ads playing over and over again just make it seem that woman obviously need a 101 class in how to keep clean & STD free.  Hell, and now we have Whoopi Goldberg talking about peeing on ourselves.  HOLY MOTHER OF MOSES! Are you kidding me?  Do we get any peace?!  Now this is an issue?  Maybe past the age of 60 or if you have some severe bladder issues.  But I can't imagine that men don't experience the same thing.

So where are the male hygiene commercials?  Where is the, "Dude does your jock ever itch at the worst time?"  Or the commercial that explains why men grab & adjust their balls in the middle of the street whenever they feel like it (oh yea, that Monday Grievance post is coming SOON.)  I see none of these commercials or ads anywhere.  The most we see deals with deodorant, shower gels or Icy Hot.  Which, HELLO!, they make ads like that for woman as well.  So I'm simply tired of woman's issues being exposed all across the board.  Before no one even wanted to talk about women or anything having to deal with them.  Suddenly we get the opportunity to vote & join the workforce and it's put everything on display and expose every aspect females and their bodies.  Honestly the only thing that men should be aware of when dealing with women, is PMS.  And that's merely for their own safety & security.  Other than that, what happens with us and homegirl shouldn't leave the ladies room.  So mind your business, lay off the excessive lady business commercials and give us some room to breathe.  The fact of the matter is women as much as men either don't want to hear it or are over hearing about it.

Happy Blogging All.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

*Or the 2 train, or the 5 train, or any train!*

Today I'd like to talk about something that, actually until today, I didn't realize how thankful I was for it.  Now before I say (type) this, I want you to know that I in no way enjoy being unemployed.  Slowly but surely I see myself becoming a bum.  You know the type.  Sits or lays in his/her bed and just watches Soap Operas, re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210 (& I still HATE Kelly. Only on TV would a guy like Dylan choose a whiny chick like Kelly over Brenda. LAME!) and Maury.  Yea, that really sucks. HOWEVER! I am EXTREMELY thankful that for the past two months I have not had to take the freaking Subway!  Oh how I loathe the MTA. *Yea there's a bit of Monday Grievance in this post; deal with it.*  I have had the most un-stressful two months of my life and I didn't understand why.  Now looking for a job has been stressful in itself, don't get me wrong, but I've been really calm about it.  If I don't get a call back or someone sends me a rejection letter, I don't freak out.  I go to the gym, I hang out with my friends and family and do my job investigating.  So I thought it was because I was switching my focus up, and that's why I was so calm.  BUT NO!!! Thank you MTA for proving that it's because of you (and a little bit of my old job) that I used to wake up in the mornings contemplating murder.

The MTA has to be the worse & unorganized business there is, next to the government and banks.  So the fact that I haven't had to deal with them over the past two months has really been a blessing.  Now some of you reading this may think I'm crazy, but humor me and I'll help you understand.  For example, today I had an interview at 11a...  Side note, I'm also VERY thankful today for that interview.  Whether I get the job or not, it's a good feeling to know someone wants to meet my crazy self...  Well I get to the train station at 9:30a, even though according to would only take 50 mins from my house to the destination.  But everyone likes to leave early, right? Wrong, I don't like too, I need too, and I'm sooooo happy I did.  I waited 10mins at my station for a train. The 5 comes, I need a two.  The 2 comes I hop on, and get stuck in a tunnel for about another 5 to 10 mins. I get off on 42nd to wait for the N or R train and wait for what felt like forever... Oh not to mention the girl who was running a race behind me, nearly knocked me down, and stopped at the bottom of the stairs and then just stood there! No, there was no train in sight!!!!  I'm still baffled at to what the hell she was running too or from.  I finally get on, get to my stop and then there's like 20 exits at the station. I got there at about 10:40a. Not bad (sarcasm), considering I started the "train journey" at about 9:45 or so.

Now on my way back home the R gets there really fast, and its smooth sailing. But THEN it's on to wait for the 5.  It came within 15mins.  Now I get off at my stop to transfer to the 2 because as always the 5 is going express.... Oh wait, did I forget to mention the man who thought he was auditioning for a Salsa band who was not only singing at the top of his lungs to a car filled with 6 people, but was also banging his rang away on the pole like he was playing the conga.  Or the fact that when we got to 125th street we waited about 15mins in the station and then another 5 because these guys were trying to get on and kept holding the doors? Well yea, all that happened too... So back to waiting for the two.  After I got off the 5, another 5 comes, and then a train not in service, and then finally a 2. ONLY to now tell us that ALL trains are going express due to "track work".  With all the track work that's been going on for the past 20 years!, we should all be able to ride to OZ by now.  So now I have to get out of the station and walk to the bus, whose line is around the block.  And even though there are 2 buses taking passengers (obviously one of them was late) and their both the accordion style (so plenty of people will fit on either), people are pushing their way onto the buses.  Did I miss the part where there's free cheese and wine on this bus?  And normally I'd defend the elderly, but those little shits where hitting people with their canes and carts!  It is at this point where that twitch I used to get in my left eye every morning on the train platform, started up again.  And it is also at this point where I started to scan for objects (including the old people's cane's and grocery carts) and police men, wondering if I could beat someone with anything found, and get away scott free.  Yea, it's gets dangerous out there my dear readers.

So yes, though this seems more like a blog about what I hate, it really is about how thankful I am right now not to have to take the godforsaken train.  My ultimate dream would be to be able to drive everywhere, never having to use the subway again. However I don't have a car and my mom won't lend me her's.  But in the meantime I will continue to be thankful that unlike so many of my friends, who have the misfortune day in and day out, I do not have to take that damn train right now.  So while I'm tired of being unemployed and pray every night to finally get that job that's going to bring me out of this funk, I rejoice in the fact that I don't have to deal with the subway or the annoying people on it.

So what are you thankful for on this wonderful Thursday (or everyday)?

Happy Blogging All!!!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Wordless" Wednesday

So my sister has become a little "Smoothie Queen."  Almost everyday she wants to come home and make smoothies.  She takes the blender out, the fruit and all other necessities, and really gets into.  Well a few weeks ago I came home from the gym famished! I thought I was going to pass out and started ranting how I was so hungry.  I came upstairs to put my stuff down and when I went back down, this is what I came back too!

Isn't she just the best! :)

Happy Blogging All!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Grievances

I'M BACK!!!!! Did you miss me?  You know you did, so lets cut the bull with the denial.  Anyway, been up to lots of interesting things, most importantly still looking for employment.  I had two phone interviews (same company) last week, and am now awaiting for the last person to call me so that we can meet in person.  I'm crossing my fingers, but at this point it's really just a waiting game.  Other than that it's kind of been a bit of a bust in this area.  And I know that I've spoken about this previously, but looking for a job is really hard, especially in the time we're in.  I read the other day that unemployment rates have actually dropped, and all I can think is "Really? Where?".  Because it seems that unless I'm willing to take just any ol job, such as working in a Mickey D's, I'm screwed.   But that's not what bugs me.  What's really, in the words of Peter Griffin, grinding my gears, is wondering where all those people who said if I needed help, to reach out to them, are. 

Before I left my old job almost all the people I work with knew, whether I told them or not.  The industry I was in, is very small, and EVERYONE talks.  You take a crap and it's front page news at the next event. Anyway, I had so many people calling me and emailing me asking me if I needed help to call them, and email them, and send them my resume, blah blah blah.  Now that I need help and I'm reaching out to these people, all I hear are dial-tones.  Its frustrating because its become plainly obvious that these people were only looking out for themselves.  I was still employed and working on business so of course they had to paint the most wonderful of pictures for themselves.  But now that I'm no where to be found so to speak, why would they have to "suck up".  I understand people are busy and can't always help.  But it was the way they approached me and tried to get my attention; not me approaching them.  So now I'm still stuck looking for a job and they've moved on to the next person.  And if you want to say I'm bitter so be it; then I am.  But what irks me is that many people do this.  Say they're going to do something and just don't.  For whatever the reason may be, they just bail out on you.

The point I'm trying to get across here is that if you say you're going to do something do it.  And for those that hear those "friends" promising them rainbows and butterflies, tread lightly with those people.  In the end when we need or want something, we only really have ourselves to rely on.  So with all this said, I will not contact those people anymore, because they've obviously flown the coup and forgotten about little ol me.  But rest assure that if/when I do come back, it will be in another capacity and one in which they might not have even thought of.  Remember those you step on today, could be the ones that are lending you an arm when you fall flat on your face next.

Happy Blogging All.