Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday's

Today I'm thankful for the fact that this weekend it's finally Easter.  Now to get the sacrilegious part of my thankfulness out of the way, I'm thankful because I'll be able to have a Cosmo again!  Yes, if you'll all remember, I gave up hard liquor for Lent.  And of course with my luck, this Lent season it seemed everyone came out of the woodwork and wanted to have a party.  Now I rarely go out, contrary to what my mother will tell you.  The most I do is go to my boyfriends house and I'm usual a second away from knocking out.  So here I thought (serves me right) that giving up hard liquor would be sensible and easy. Well was I wrong and stupid.  It really slapped me back to reality that giving something up for Lent, or even doing more of something, isn't about being sensible and easy.  Jesus gave up his life for us.  Was that easy? Pretty sure it wasn't. 

So this was probably one of the hardest seasons of Lent that I've experienced.  Giving up the cocktails. Then  giving up meat on Friday's, which always seems difficult as well, & I'm still not sure why.  Any other day of the week I can go without eating meat.  But tell me I CAN'T eat it, well then I'm going nuts because I can't find anything else to eat.  I also tried to curse less, and that lasted maybe a week; which for me is good, but not good enough.  And though it seems like I'm still complaining, I'm really not.  These little sacrifices are honestly the least we can do, considering all the other crap and trouble we get ourselves into every other day during the year.

So I'm not only thankful that Easter is this weekend because I can finally have a good drink. No, I'm thankful because its one of the rare times that our family can get together, go to church, have a big breakfast and then later a big dinner.  My mom usually makes me and my sister Easter baskets; no, I'm not ashamed that I'm the age that I am and still get a basket.  This year she's doing something different for us, and having an egg hunt.  Each egg we find we'll be full of some kind of delicious goodies and we can't wait to hunt!  So for us Easter is about not only rejoicing in the sacrifices Jesus made for us, or the miniscule sacrifices we try to make and still complain about.  It's about being with family and enjoying the fact that we're together, strong and still standing after all of life's tribulations.  So I'm thankful for this Easter and everyday I have with my loved ones! 

So what are you thankful for?

Happy Blogging All!

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  1. Girl I hear ya on giving up something for lent...I gave up meat on Fridays which I succeeded in and cursing but was not quite successful. =( Even tho I did cut down and instead of sh*t I said crap but you know those real worlders and how they got us all riled up I couldn't help myself!! ahhhh But anyways like you my Mom up until about 4-5yrs ago would make us Easter baskets as well. We had to tell her to stop and so she just got us a chocolate bunny, but now we told her to stop no more of that either so lets see what she does lol cause in the end it goes to waste we don't eat it! Now if it was a Cadbury egg and some peep that's it I'm all for it mmmmm yummy!

    But just like you I'm also thankful for the family gatherings around this time of year and that slamming lamb my mom makes! yum yum!! =)