Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No, I don't really need a "Macho Macho Man"

So when did emotions + men= taboo?  I know I'm jumping into this, but I really don't know any other way to start this topic... OK, this all came up after having various conversations with friends of mine, and realizing so many of us have experienced very similar situations with the men in our lives.  They seem to feel the need to act "hard" 24/7, never letting anyone see that they too can be vulnerable... Ever since I began dating at the tender at of 13, the boys/men I've dated have all be very strict when revealing their emotions, or lack there of.  I guess this may be because everyone that I've dated has been Puerto Rican, and our PR boys are instilled with the Macho gene at birth.  What is the "Macho" gene you ask?  Well, this gene is the one that fills the brain with the idea that boys/men don't cry, don't get emotional, don't hug, don't say I love you or other romantic sayings or cute phrases, don't back down from a fight, don't let a woman tell them what to do, etc.  For example when you're watching The Notebook with him, he says it's all bullshit and the guy who wrote it is a *insert choice word here*.  Or when a guy happens to look his way while you're out shopping, and he thinks he wants to start a fight because he's "starin' at me mad hard".  Yes, that is the "Macho" gene, and I for one HATE IT!  And I can't just blame the fathers, or the uncles, or even the mother's who treat them like even if they slaughter a litter of kittens, they're the best things since fried pickles.  But, it's also their friends, who make them feel like any type of emotion they express, especially if it's in front of their man group, they're less than one of the boys.

Now don't get me wrong, I love a strong man.  A man, that if I'm falling apart, will be strong enough to help me off the ground.  However, I can't stand a man that will help me off the ground, and then tell me to man up and get over it.  Ummm no, I'm not a man, I don't have to "man up".  Yes, I and the rest of the world know that, you have a set of balls and you want to swing them around to show you're tough.  However, when it's you and your woman, you're allowed to give them a rest and let 'em just hang low.  I'm not saying we want our men to cry while watching a sappy movie like Steel Magnolias or following us around all day everyday like a puppy dog.  But we definitely don't need you yelling in our ear that "the bitch got what she deserved" or ignoring us when we've set up plans, but now the boys want to do something and you have to go.  I mean honestly must you make comments all the time, especially when they're so idiotic, just because it may not be what you're into.  Can you really not say no to your friends, becuase if you do, then immediately you're "pu**y whipped".  Who exactly are you trying to prove that you're big and bad, to.  When you're with the boys you can act like you eat rocks and shit boulders for all we care.  But when you're with your woman, let your guard down and show a little emotion, and stop acting as if the "Macho Man" alarm is going to go off if you say something, dare we say, sweet & caring, and then for sure you're out of the He-Man Woman Haters Club.  Trust me when I say, no one is watching you, it's OK to let us in and let us know something out there makes your little troll heart tick.  And no, telling us that we look good enough to eat or that you can't wait to tear are clothes off and make sweet monkey love to us, is NOT our idea of romantic or letting us in on how you feel.  And no crying when you're favorite sport team loses, or finally wins after 20 years of losing, doesn't count either.  We understand hunger, sex and sports are constantly on your mind, but we need you to have just a little more finesses than that.   I'm telling you right now, if I ever get married, and that man doesn't cry when he sees me coming down that aisle (and no not because his life is over; I already know that comment is coming) with his own vows written, and shows that he's soooo happy, because I'm so beautiful and he's so happy he's found THE ONE after years of searching.  Oh you best believe there will not be any sweetness on that Honeymoon. HA!

So ladies, and yes please men chime in on this subject too, what do you think about Men & Emotions?  Should they be like two peas in a pod, at least some of the time? Or should we just accept that many men refuse to let those walls down and let butterflies and gumdrops into their world?  I want to hear what you ALL have to say.

Happy Blogging (& debating) All!

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  1. Awww men and emotions.. I feel like the only time I've seen a man shed a tear is when he's been caught doing something they shouldn't be doing -_- or when the relationship has come to a close. Ugh. It's annoying. I think we need to rub off on them and vice versa.

  2. Yes, I would love for their rough interior to rub off on us. We're so nice to them and so many of them don't appreciate it. Damn shame!

  3. jajajajaja i am still sing macho macho man.... i wanna be a macho man.... lol now confession... i wish my bf was more macho... he is a little biotch sometimes... cries way to easy and way to lastimado u know... did u know ke every 20 min a MAN is being abused by a woman. I saw it on Tyra i was like WTF MAN UP BITCHES... so there needs to be a level of sensitivity and machoness together

  4. Hahaha. Well yea, crying all the time and talking about your feelings, can be annoying. But there's a time and place for it, and it sucks because the ones I know, never seem to figure it out. Its like they're either way to Macho or they're way too sensitive. Nunca ganamos! :-/