Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Grievances

I'M BACK!!!!! Did you miss me?  You know you did, so lets cut the bull with the denial.  Anyway, been up to lots of interesting things, most importantly still looking for employment.  I had two phone interviews (same company) last week, and am now awaiting for the last person to call me so that we can meet in person.  I'm crossing my fingers, but at this point it's really just a waiting game.  Other than that it's kind of been a bit of a bust in this area.  And I know that I've spoken about this previously, but looking for a job is really hard, especially in the time we're in.  I read the other day that unemployment rates have actually dropped, and all I can think is "Really? Where?".  Because it seems that unless I'm willing to take just any ol job, such as working in a Mickey D's, I'm screwed.   But that's not what bugs me.  What's really, in the words of Peter Griffin, grinding my gears, is wondering where all those people who said if I needed help, to reach out to them, are. 

Before I left my old job almost all the people I work with knew, whether I told them or not.  The industry I was in, is very small, and EVERYONE talks.  You take a crap and it's front page news at the next event. Anyway, I had so many people calling me and emailing me asking me if I needed help to call them, and email them, and send them my resume, blah blah blah.  Now that I need help and I'm reaching out to these people, all I hear are dial-tones.  Its frustrating because its become plainly obvious that these people were only looking out for themselves.  I was still employed and working on business so of course they had to paint the most wonderful of pictures for themselves.  But now that I'm no where to be found so to speak, why would they have to "suck up".  I understand people are busy and can't always help.  But it was the way they approached me and tried to get my attention; not me approaching them.  So now I'm still stuck looking for a job and they've moved on to the next person.  And if you want to say I'm bitter so be it; then I am.  But what irks me is that many people do this.  Say they're going to do something and just don't.  For whatever the reason may be, they just bail out on you.

The point I'm trying to get across here is that if you say you're going to do something do it.  And for those that hear those "friends" promising them rainbows and butterflies, tread lightly with those people.  In the end when we need or want something, we only really have ourselves to rely on.  So with all this said, I will not contact those people anymore, because they've obviously flown the coup and forgotten about little ol me.  But rest assure that if/when I do come back, it will be in another capacity and one in which they might not have even thought of.  Remember those you step on today, could be the ones that are lending you an arm when you fall flat on your face next.

Happy Blogging All.

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