Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Today, on this lovely Thursday March 24th, I am thankful for my besties: Lity, Gata & Chicky.

Me, Gata, Lity & Chicky
These girls are always there when I need them, no matter what.  They will listen to me make more than a Monday Grievance complaint, since I complain almost everyday.  When I say I'm fat, they tell me I'm not and to have another burger.  When I say I'm broke, they offer to buy me a margarita.  When I complain about Monkey (the boyfriend) they calm me down and remind me that just like any guy, he is a boy, and that's what they do. When I planned a spur of the moment birthday trip to Miami in a month, they were right there next to me planning away.  Besides the family I already have, if God asked us what family members we'd want, these girls would be requested ASAP; I'd actually replace them now with some family members, hahaha.  But I can  always count on them, which is strange for me.  Growing up I had one really good friend and the rest of the girls I was never that close with.  I always thought that having friends that were girls was too much of a hassle.  We women can be very dramatic and emotional and also very caddy.  There are some girls that can be your "best friend", but be jealous of you or expect you to be jealous of them, or put you down or even though they say they want the best for you, when you're knocked down, they take a little pleasure out of it.  Thankfully I found these three girls whom, I never have the problem with.

When there is an issue we bring it up with each other.  We fight, make-up and go about our business.  These are the ladies whom if we got arrested with each other would laugh and defend one another 'til the end.  We can laugh about the stupidest things and only we understand and get each other.  If I buy something that looks stupid, they'll tell me.  If I'm having a bad hair day, they will call me out.  If I have beer goggles (when I'm single) they will quickly pull my arm off in order to get me away from any Gary Busey look a like.  I could go on and on, but I don't want to be mushy, because that's not my attitude at all.  And besides you guys read my blogs to hear me bitch and moan, not praise people LOL.  Well at least this proves that I have friends and am not as miserable as I may sometimes appear.

Don't forget to share what you're thankful for. :)

Happy Blogging All!

P.S.  I do have two other besties, my Lisa P. and my Mich Mich, whom I also adore and love.  These are ladies I also rely on when the chips are down and are incredible women.  I'm shouting the three above out because I'm with them or speak to them about my BS on a daily basis.  I still have love for you ladies, so don't be upset, offended or send me hate mail; I'll just ignore you and delete. Hahahaha.  Here's pictures of us to prove I love you too. :)

Me & My big sister Lisa

Me & Mich Mich

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  1. Girl, I completely understand where you are coming from with not having many girl friends because they are catty. You're really lucky though, that you have such great friends. Right about now, I've let go and drifted away from a lot of so called "friends" I'm down to one really great friend, who as of recently, has become a different person because she broke up with her long time bf. Ah...I guess it's life. lol. God well bless me with some great friends like yours one day. I havent lost hope. lol. :)