Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Since I have a weekly blog post called "Monday Grievances" in which I complain about crap that bothers me, I felt that given the season of Lent I should blog about things that don't bug me.  More so, things that I'm thankful for, because I as many things that irritate me there are just as many things that I'm thankful for.

So today I'll start with my amazing family whom I'm so THANKFUL for:  

-My mother who still buys me things at random that she thinks I will like, such as these cool boots. 

I know everyone thinks that they're mom is the best or the most amazing woman in the world, but in my case it's TRUE. LOL.  She is a fighter, a problem solver, an accountant (she does my taxes every year), a chef, a friend, a sister, a teacher and so many other things that if I wrote them all down, I'd be here all day.  She is the best thing I have in my life and I pray to God everynight and thank him for making her my mother.

- My Grandmother who will go to the store and buy me mini Cokes so I can have them with my dinner.  She won't get the 2 liter because she knows I like to drink it only on occasion, and hate when the soda goes flat.  She also will buy me Whole Wheat English Muffins, even though she hates them, with her own money so that I don't fail on my diet.  The woman will still to this day make me breakfast, lunch and dinner if I ask. She also makes me laugh, like when she yells at the guy on TV who's asking us to donate to the poor children of some country.  She says, "You have nice clothes on, I bet you have money. Why don't you donate?" As grumpy as she can be, she's all the things a Grandma should be. You just gotta love her.

- My sister who made me a smoothie when I got home from the gym today.  She's turning into such a little lady, and sometimes into a mini me.  She laughs at all my jokes, will help me clean my room, will help me think of ways to get back at people (all in good fun) and when I cry she hugs me, gives me tissues and tells me it's going to be "all ok". She also doesn't cringe when I sing :)  Though she may get on my nerves from time to time (hello we're sisters, that's just how it is), I wouldn't want any other sister but her. 

- My uncle Tio Sito who makes me laugh everytime I see him.  He is a strong man, a great uncle and a great father.  He has been through so much in this life, and never gives up.  Even as he goes through his health issues and personal life issues, he still finds the time to go to college to finish his education in order to make his life better.  If there is ever a person out there that can show me not to quit, it's him...even though like me, my mom still does a lot for him.  Hey, what can I say, she spoils us rotten. :)

So what are you thankful for?

Happy Blogging All!


  1. I'm thankful for my family cause they're a bunch of losers. However, I love them because they're my losers. :)

  2. awww cute post!! I'm thankful for my son..who is the sunshine of my life, my family and my job, because times are rough and not everyone has one :)

  3. Such a happy feel blog. It's always nice to stop and think about the things we are grateful for. Even when I didn't have a job, I saw it as a blessing to be able to stay home with my son during his first 2yrs. Even as the bills were piling I still was grateful to have a home and food in my stomach. No matter what comes our way we must always be thankful and see the good in things because somewhere someone has it much worst than us...