Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Grievances - Leave Homegirl Alone


It used to be that female "issues" was a private thing that you kept to yourself or only spoke about with your doctor.  Then it became that barriers where broken and everyone decided it wasn't taboo to talk about the various things that can plague women and their nether regions.  So ads & commericals for female "issues" became the norm.  Commercials mostly aired during Soap Operas & talk shows like The View and so forth, and things were "A-OK" as they were targeting women.  Now working in the advertising business for the past 3 1/2 years, I understood how and why companies chose these hours/shows, and of course it made sense; women should know about these things.  But then, not only did these commercials air in abundance, but I started to see them slither into other programs, and many of them weren't during daytime hours.  I mean why are we airing Panty-liner or Yeast Infection commercials during Maury, Jerry Springer or Jeopardy (or at all)?  I began to wonder and get really pissed off about this.  Why in the hell does the entire world need to know so much about our lady business?

Now, I will admit that there are MANY women out there that don't know how to take care of themselves properly.  So yes, I'll agree that these commercials should be in THIER faces all day long.  In fact someone should lock them in a room, strapped to a chair with their eyes forced open so they learn the right way to clean and take care of their "homegirl."  I mean ladies, if you don't know what a feminine wipe is, you need to go back and talk to your mom and figure it out.  HOWEVER, it's not the women that are finding out information and using it. Hell many women I know usually change the channel at these commercials, because their bored and/or already know the deal and don't care.  So it's really the men, who are now possessing waaaaaay to much information about what's going on down under.  I remember sitting down watching television one day with a guy and him asking me, during a "feminine itch" commercial, if I had the "itchy's" and if it was common in all women, and then he went on and on with other questions.  First of all, no I don't have the "itchy's".  Second of all, really? Who the hell asks such questions.  And third of all, I'm not asking about your jock itch, so mind your business about my homegirl.   I mean really, why so many commercials about these things.  "Do you ever feel not so fresh."  How about, "Do you ever feel like you're being exposed thanks to us spilling the beans on your possible vag issues?"  Not every girl in the world experiences the "itchy's", or burning sensations, or bad smells.  But with the rampant commercials that air day in and day out, it seems like we all have some type of funky situation going on.  It aggravates me to no end when I see these commercials.  And it isn't as if they offer some explanation for these symptoms.  Men see these commercials and think, "Damn! If a girl has that it must be because she's dirty."  Meanwhile there are many cases where these symptoms come about because of using a wrong detergent or soap and your body is sensitive or even eating a food that can affect you.  But no, these ads playing over and over again just make it seem that woman obviously need a 101 class in how to keep clean & STD free.  Hell, and now we have Whoopi Goldberg talking about peeing on ourselves.  HOLY MOTHER OF MOSES! Are you kidding me?  Do we get any peace?!  Now this is an issue?  Maybe past the age of 60 or if you have some severe bladder issues.  But I can't imagine that men don't experience the same thing.

So where are the male hygiene commercials?  Where is the, "Dude does your jock ever itch at the worst time?"  Or the commercial that explains why men grab & adjust their balls in the middle of the street whenever they feel like it (oh yea, that Monday Grievance post is coming SOON.)  I see none of these commercials or ads anywhere.  The most we see deals with deodorant, shower gels or Icy Hot.  Which, HELLO!, they make ads like that for woman as well.  So I'm simply tired of woman's issues being exposed all across the board.  Before no one even wanted to talk about women or anything having to deal with them.  Suddenly we get the opportunity to vote & join the workforce and it's put everything on display and expose every aspect females and their bodies.  Honestly the only thing that men should be aware of when dealing with women, is PMS.  And that's merely for their own safety & security.  Other than that, what happens with us and homegirl shouldn't leave the ladies room.  So mind your business, lay off the excessive lady business commercials and give us some room to breathe.  The fact of the matter is women as much as men either don't want to hear it or are over hearing about it.

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