Thursday, June 23, 2011

12 Things About ME!!!!

Before there was, La Latina Loquita, I was just a little loquita kid.  So here are 12 things you don't know about little me, and I probably shouldn't reveal...  For the record, I know I was a WEIRD child.

I kissed that poster too! :)

1. When I was younger I loved playing with Barbies. Except while all my friends had their dolls getting married and starting families, my dolls were having a lot of premarital sex and abortions.

2. When all the little girls where picking out dresses, and while my mom dressed me up like a doll on many occasions, I secretly just wanted to be in overalls and sneakers.  I didn't want to be a pretty pretty princess, because I didn't think I was a pretty anything.

3. As a child when I got in trouble, I truly waited for G.I. Joe to come in and rescue me.  See, in the cartoons' opening credits, they said something along the lines of  "We're there when you're in trouble." And I kept thinking, "Hello, major trouble here. Where are you?!" I was unique... Shut up.

4.  I thought I could blame anything on an animal and it was believable. For example, I broke my dads maracas by banging them against each other one to many times, just a little to hard. I then tried to blame the cat, saying she clawed at them very aggressively and they eventually busted.  I thought I was quite convincing.  I was punished for a week.

5.  I believed in The Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus until I was 11 years old, in the 6th grade.  I only found out the truth when I lost my tooth in the middle of the night and woke my mother up to tell her.  She told me to go back to sleep and I did...sort of. I thought if I stayed up, I could catch the tooth fairy bringing me the money, and capture her and therefore be rich forever.  As I was dreaming up how I'd catch our little Tinkerbell, I saw my mother fumble in the dark to put the money on my nightstand. I. WAS. DESTROYED! The next day, not only did I reveal to her that the "tooth fairy" left me 20 dollars (a mistake), but that I clearly saw HER leave the money.  I then asked her if she have anything else to tell me.  I then found out the truth about Santa.

6.  I was obsessed with my mother. I needed to know where she was at all times. I'd call her to see why she was running late from work.  If I went on vacation without her (which happened often, as I was shipped off to Puerto Rico every Summer) I would cry the entire time until it was time to go back home.  If she went across the street to have tea with my Godmother, I would call over there at least 10 times before she'd finally come home.  This woman was like my legs; I could not function without her.

7.  When my sister was born (note: for 16 years I was alone & spoiled) I hated her.  When my mother was in the hospital, after giving birth, I was taken to go see her and my new sister.  I walked in, saw this 8lb monster and said, "OK, can we go now?"  Later we had to get rid of our dog because he was jealous of her and tried to bite her.  My response to this was, "Get rid of her; he's been here longer!" I was VERY serious, but did not win the fight...  Yes, yes, I love her now... a little. :)

8.  When I was younger, I used to act and sing in front of my mirror, creating theme songs and different facial expressions, and imagine I was starring in my own television show. For example, I'd hum some weird 90's tv show like music and smile or make weird faces in the mirror and freeze, then pretend underneath me was the name of whatever character I was portraying.

9.  I loved anything Freddy Krueger. I wasn't afraid of him at all.  In fact I thought he had an amazing sense of humor. For example, in one of the movies, he's feeding a girl her own stomach and says, "you are what you eat." I just thought "Oh Freddy."

10.  I used to think that if I concentrated hard enough, I could stop time just like Eve Garland in "Out Of This World."  I think the strain is what started my migraines. 

11.  Those of you who know me in real life, not blog life, think I talk a lot.  But NOOOO! When I was younger I talked so much more and alllll the time. I'd talk about the bird I saw in the tree, the gum I was chewing, why that woman's hair was styled that way.  I'd ask questions about this, that and the third and just would go on and on for hours.  One day we were driving home from a long day of shopping and me talking. As I was asking where we were going to dinner, and what we were going to eat, and what time we'd get home, my mother finally turned around and yelled, "OMG, SHUT UP! STOP TALKING! YOU'RE NOT NORMAL!!!!". I was in shock and then proceeded to cry...At the restaurant, everyone told me to cheer up and not to be sad, so of course I started talking again.  I got over that quickly, because nothing stops me from talking. :)

12. I used to practice kissing everything, in case anyone ever tried to kiss me.  I kissed my hand, my pillow, the wall, the dog, whatever I could.  When a boy finally went in for the kill, I choked (literally) and almost vomited in his mouth.

In my defense, I was the only child in my house until I was 16; I needed to entertain myself. :-/  Anyway, hope you enjoyed getting to learn a little more about La Latina Loquita.

Happy Blogging All!


  1. LOL.. You're weird but you were the most cutest and annoying child I ever knew. I always thought you were the cutest cousin I had too...shhh don't tell the others. LOL

  2. Funny. Notice how #11 is about talking....and also the longest!!! LOL
    You are funny without even trying. Love that about you. Don't ever change please. Hugs.

  3. Yes, this is your mother. You were and still are a strange child but that's just the way I LOVE you. You're perfect as can be to me. :)