Monday, March 5, 2012

Why Do The Good Girls, Always Want The Bad Boys?

First and foremost, Happy New Year.  Yea, I know it's March, but if you hadn't noticed, I've been a little MIA.  Thanks to those who still come to read my crazy nonsense, that more than half the time makes no sense to normal minds.  For those who do get me, welcome to the dark side.  And now (HOPEFULLY) we shall continue to show how wacked out we are, together.

So as the lyric in No Doubt's song "Bathwater" goes, "Why do the good girls, always want the bad boys?"  I don't think there can ever be a clear answer to this question.  History repeats itself, and it has shown time and time again that the bad boys always break the good girls heart.  And then you just get bitter girls with issues, who when they do get into a relationship with the next guy, bring all that baggage into the relationship.  Only on television and in movies does the bad boy eventually see what the good girl has to offer, and then boom, he's reformed. BARF!  But we know better, or at least should, and know that that bullshit only works in fairy tales.  Case in point: Sex & The City.  So after six years of treating her like a toy you play with when you're board, he married someone else, she got engaged, blah blah blah and then**SPOILER ALERT- READ NO FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT...No, really, if you're a woman reading my blogs and don't know the ending, never read my blog again. ;)**  Carrie and Big finally get together.  Now tell me, was I the only one that called "BULLSHIT" at that last episode?  Or even more so, when he continued to fuck her over on the big screen with the whole wedding fiasco.  I thought, this woman is a total fucking idiot.  And then I realized, "Jesus Christ, this woman is me!"

Now you all know I watch  A LOT of television.  And in the years where I've super glued myself to the TV, there have been quite a few shows that have mimicked things in my life.  Sex & The City however, felt like it was based on a particular story line in my own life.  See ladies & gentleman, I too have had a Mr. Big.  Mr Big: the guy that no matter how many times has broken your heart and made you feel like garbage on numerous occasions, still some how manages to find himself on a pedestal in your life.  Now you don't really blame Mr. Big, because he makes it blatantly obvious that he does not want a relationship.  He's not a bad person and has even showed you his inner soft side. Awwwww, right?  BUT, when it seems you're getting to close, they back off and become, distant & unavailable. You know, their way of making sure you don't get to close.  AND when you seem to be slipping from his grasp and you're finally freeing yourself of the spell a.k.a penis, his radar goes off & it starts all over again.  No seriously, I believe every Mr.Big type guy, goes to a special store that has some type of invisible radar for sale.  Then when they're with you, they stick on you somewhere, then BOOM!  Whenever you're really vulnerable, that thing goes off like the bat signal and he's back for more, and your in for more, and you (well, me) go back into "Pendeja Mode".

So back to the question at hand, "Why do the good girls, always want the bad boys?"  My opinion is, besides the obvious that Mr. Big is probably gorgeous, has an exceptional body and the sex is amazing...Wait, why was I saying it like this was a problem??..... Oh yea, right.  So my opinion is that we kinda need that bad boy in our lives.  We tend to need (or like) a little drama and suspense in our romantic lives.  Having you're own Mr.Big teaches you how to catch on to the next Mr.Big that tries to come in and dazzle you with his charm. But most of all, you're able to better recognize when Mr.Right comes in to your life.  And while it sounds cliche and half the time I have a hard time believing it myself, Mr.Right is out there.

So readers, what to do you think?  Do you find that good girls always want bad boys?  AND, do any of you have a Mr.Big story?  Share you're thoughts peeps!

Til Next Time...
La Latina Loquita

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  1. I was a bad boy. I broke hearts and I reformed and finally decided to do it "right"...I met a new girl, moved in blah blah blah...Three years later I dont see it getting me anywhere. Just bitching and moaning (and not during sex) Shes a stubburn selfish fat thundercunt. Sigh... Yet I cant bring myself to cheat. But if this dont work out, the dog days are no longer over. Look out bitches...