Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do Drunken Words Really Speak Sober Thoughts?

We've all done it.  Gotten so sorority girl/fraternity boy wasted, that we just started spewing crap out of our mouths like freedom of speech was just declared a right.  In instances where you can't say what you really want, for fear that people may judge you or because you're to much of a coward to be honest, you take advantage of what's called "liquid courage". I've had it, you've had it, we've all had it.  For some reason liquor tends to open up a can of worms (or words) that just can't be shut.  People under the influence tend to just say and do the utmost stupidest things they can "think" of.  But do the words you say in a drunken stupor always speak some type of truth?  The old saying goes, "Drunken Words, Speak Sober Thoughts".  But is that always the case?  In my humble opinion, I think it depends on the person and the situation.  I'm usually a happy drunk so I say things sometimes, that I don't mean just to make people feel better or for entertainment purposes. Then there are the times where I have said or done something's that were due in huge part too being a little buzzed.  Cartwheels for instances. Not a good luck for the drunk.  And then I've also said things in the heat of the moment because I was upset, and wanted the other person to be upset too; yes I can be a bit of an a-hole.
An example of using "liquid courage" as a slight boost to do something or say something out of character is Karaoke.  I love to Karaoke, but I can never get up and just belt a few lines in front of strangers or friends.  But give me a Stoli & Red Bull and this girl thinks she's Christina Aguilera performing for Simon Cowell. I AM THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!! More like American Idiot, but I digress.  Another example is once I confessed to an old boss how much I hated my job and if it weren't for her I wouldn't have stayed on for as long as I had.  Yea, can you say, EMBARRASSING!  Then I have examples where I just said something to say it.  For instance, once I was out with a group of girls, one of which had recently broken up with her boyfriend.  Now I did not much care for this person, and knowing her history with others and how bitchy she was, I was actually kind of glad about her break up.  And yes that's a horrible thing to say, but at the moment it's how I felt.  However when she was bitching and crying over this boy, I was totally agreeing with her.  I told her she was a beautiful, smart and a great woman and that anyone would be lucky to have her.  I guess when you're drunk, it's easy to keep a serious face.  I mean, I didn't believe any of what I was saying to her in my real "sober" life, in anyway shape or form.  I was just jumping on the supportive band wagon with the other girls.  But 'til this day, I think, no chick, you're a jerk and that's why you got dumped. AND YOU'RE NOT CUTE.  Again, not the nicest thing to think, but the girl was just... she just wasn't nice. I guess its a "you had to be there" kind of thing.
Now while I'm a happy little drunk, as I mentioned previously, I do have a tendency to unleash verbal assults on people, if I'm angered by something or someone...Side Note: Drinking while being very emotional, does not make for a happy person... Recently while out, I got into an argument with a friend.  Now this person really didn't say anything horrible to upset me, but I did take some words from our conversation out of context.  So of course as the night progressed and the free drinks were flowing, words like "I love your makeup!" turned into "Eww, you look like a whore".  So like the glutton for punishment I am, I proceeded to do the old drunk text (similar to the drunk dial. Oh technology, how you've helped us in our crusade to make bigger fools of ourselves than we ever have before. Because now our drunken words are SAVED! What Joy. What Bliss. What HORROR!).  In the midst of my exorcism moment I said things there were cruel, nasty and just plain silly.  So because I was in a mood, I thought, why the hell not, you be in a mood too!  And in actuality, my "angry" mood was due to my own delusions; I'd just made something up in my head for no reason. Hey, what can I say, I'm good at creating stories, hence the blogging. LOL.
So I've done both.  I've done things and said things I would probably never say or do because I wasn't brave enough, because of a little booze.  And I've done and said things I wouldn't ever say or do, because I was liquored up and either felt like being a jerk just because, felt like entertaining people or felt like following the crowd.  Again, I think it depends on the person, situation, and maybe just how many drinks you've consumed.  But hey, if we take it a step fruther, maybe liquor brings out a fear or concern you didn't even know you had, and that's where words come from.  But then again, maybe I'm giving booze just a little too much credit.  So what do you think?  Does liquor become a truth serum that helps you reveal your real feelings?  If so, can it be used as an excuse when maybe you've gone too far?  If not, and liquor is just a good time drink, then why do people always act stupid when intoxicated?  Maybe liquor just triggers whatever button at the moment is dying to be pressed in your head, and causes a person to fly off the deep end or do something completely embarrassing, whether they've meant too or not?  I'd love your feedback friends.
Happy Blogging All!

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  1. I think we're very similar when drunk. Some people love me as a drunk, but one time I almost got my ass kicked by a cholo. (I told him to shut his bald ass up and that I was more down than him and I'M WHITE!) my friend almost had to pull him off me. At the same party, my best (girl) friend kissed me, which makes me think that in the phrase "Drunk words are sober thoughts" the word 'words' is interchangeable with 'actions'.