Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mimi Hates Me

So this past August my aunt passed away.  She was a wonderful person, really funny and one of those people who would give it to you straight.  One of the things I loved about her was that she was such an animal lover, and had four dogs.  So when she passed away those dogs had to find homes, and we decided to take in Mimi.  Mimi was like my aunts daughter.  As much as she loved all of them, Mimi was the real baby; she took her everywhere and treated her like gold.  I promised my aunt that I would make sure to take care of Mimi as best as she did, if not better; if I could.  That brings us to present day.

Mimi ready for her first Christmas with us. Isn't she adorable! 

My family and I joke about it all the time, but Mimi has some seriously bad breath.  She makes Charlie Tuna jealous of her fishy aroma.  She is also very hairy (she's a Pomeranian) and her nails have gotten quite long, so we needed to have her groomed.  Since we weren't ever able to get her papers, we took her to Petco so that she could get all her shots (she needs the Rabies shot to get groomed) and were hoping that the Vet could give us some feedback on her breath issues.  As the Vet was examining her and giving her the shots, I threw out that she was my aunts dog and that's why I didn't have papers or know her date of birth.  While talking the Vet took one look and said we needed to take her to a real Vet/Dentist to check her out; she had very very very very very bad tarter and possible gum disease.  Cut to this past Saturday.  As I sat there waiting for the Vet to come in, Mimi just kept staring at me like she was saying, "Why am I here?"  God, that face just makes me melt.  The Vet came in and asked questions and once again I let her know that Mimi was previously my aunts dog, and had passed away.  The Vet then did her own examine and as soon as she opened Mimi's mouth, she told me in a thick European accent, "Oh yes, she must have cleaning and extractions."  My mouth dropped. I knew it wasn't good, but EXTRACTIONS?!  She gave me a list of  "worse case scenario", things that they would do, which included a hefty bill.  When she asked me if I had any questions, all I asked was, "Do you do doggie dentures?"  She laughed. I was serious.

So surgery was set for Tuesday, December 6.  I was going insane... Now let me take a moment here to address non-animal lovers and those who just don't understand us that do love them.  We really do treat our animals like people; like our children.  They're defenseless creatures that really come into this world with nothing and without any choice.  Hell the parents have no choice.  I mean the parents don't really think, yea lets have some puppies (they're just horny), while humans can make that choice (we're just stupid).  They only have what we provide them.  If we left them running off in the streets the would probably die or be snatched up by an organization that would put them to sleep.  Yes, I'm dramatic.  So I treat Mimi like she's my daughter. I feed her, buy her clothes, treats/toys, and also spend thousands of dollars on Medical bills.  The only thing I don't do, is claim her on my taxes; and if I could, I definitely would.  So if that isn't being a parent, please enlighten me on what is...  So we get to the Vet bright and early and I swear she knew something was going to go down.  While she is normally a very calm dog, it was like she was trying to crawl into my clothes.  When they finally called our name, she had calmed down.  I was the one still going nuts.  The nurse was going on how cute Mimi was, and once again I threw out how she was my aunts dog...  I finally realized after this 50th time of saying she's my aunts dog, that its because I don't want people to think I let her teeth get this bad.  Not that I think my aunt didn't care, but I honestly don't think she ever really noticed.  So I figure they won't hate me for her teeth being that bad.  And hey, you can't hate someone who's passed on, right?  The nurse started to go through the procedure details, "Okay so this is Mimi and she'll be having hip surgery and getting spayed." O-o????  I immediately pulled Mimi away and said, "Ummm NO! She's here for teeth. TEETH! And she's already spayed."  She looked puzzled until she realized the receptionist had printed out multiple labels with my name and Mimi's and put it on her file and the file of another dog.  I was ready to run out of there like a bat out of hell.  Once they got everything in order, they put Mimi's hospital tag on, and off she went; and there went my tears.  Yes, I cried.  Damn dog! She makes me have...feelings. Yuck!

By the time they called me to pick her up, I already had one foot out the door and in the cab.  I sat there waiting and waiting for them to bring her out.  The nurse finally came out with her medication and a list of things I would have to do to take care of her.  Apparently she had severe dental disease and they had to remove almost all of her teeth, which were already loose.  Again, my mouth just dropped.  How will she eat?!   They let me know she would be fine to have solid foods again in a week.  Apparently the Vet had once seen a dog eat with no tongue. I don't know, but that's what she said.  So I wrapped up my daughter as she stared at me with pure anger and pain in her eyes, and took her home.
The little patient resting on the couch. My poor baby!!!

I've had to give her medicine last night and again this morning, and she was NOT happy.  And all night she moaned, groaned, coughed up God knows what and stared at me as if to say, "You did this to me. Who's the real Bitch here?!"  I wish she could understand I only did it for her own good.  That disease could've gone down into her stomach and gotten a whole lot worse.  Again, I'm dramatic, but damnit I love my child :).  Now Mimi is a very happy dog, and when you come through the door she's always wagging her tail and jumping up and down.  She even did this yesterday when my mom came home.  Well today I came home and all I heard was silence.  After I put my stuff down and walked over to her bed, she just looked at me like, "Who let you back in here? Leave me alone."  Call me a sap (I told you she makes me have those nasty things called "feelings") but I totally wanted to cry.  So yes, now Mimi hates me.  Plus I still have to take her to get groomed.  Lord help me, I'm gonna have to buy her love back with eggs, turkey and a lot of Christmas gifts.  Oh, the things you do when you're a Mother *sigh*.

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  1. I too recently had to buy my furbaby's love back with an overload of doggie treats. POOR Mimi :( At least her hip is still in tact...right? I feel for your Doggy mom..its a hard world we live in. (BTW loved this post)

  2. Yes, her whole body is intact. Freakin' doctors. But she's doing a little better today. She actually got excited when I came home. But within 3 minutes she was over me and laid right back down.