Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Thoughts by Me

So I thought I'd try something new on LaLatinaLoquita and see how it plays out with you all.  See I always have these random thoughts, ideas, or just comments that I make to myself throughout the day.  And when I say random, I mean random.  Like today for instance, I saw a rat going through garbage (thankfully I was across the street).  But my immediate thought wasn't, "Maybe I should walk faster" or "Thank God I'm not on that side".  No, my thought was, "Holy shit imagine there was a bomb in there and it exploded and there were rats body parts everywhere."  And my second thought was, "What if like there was like a head rat.  So that when this rat saw him, he'd scurry off and leave the feast of garbage to the king."  Again, I'm SUPER random; you get the point.  Now see as funny as I think these random thoughts maybe, they don't really merit an entire blog.  But nevertheless, sometimes I feel like I just have to share them.  Maybe some of you can relate and make me feel like I'm not a complete lunatic.  Or maybe some of you will read some of my "thoughts" and think, "Yea, not reading her stuff anymore. She is a freakin' loca!"  Either way, I'm going to bring you in a little deeper into the crazy things that go through this girls mind.  Hey, they don't call me Loquita for nothing, so here goes my first "thought" in my new series, "Random Thoughts by Me".

You know how sometimes you go to the bathroom (at work, movies, restaurants, etc) and you walk into a stall and it's just disgusting.  You know, tissue left stuck to the seat, stains on the wall, pee on the seat, a baby swimming in the toilet and so forth.  So you move to another stall, and then notice someone go into the one you just rejected.  Well do you ever think, "Aye que fucking puerca! Cochina!" (*translated to: Ugh, what a fucking pig. Slob!"  

The other day there was "poop splatter" on the inside of the toliet, that as soon as you looked in the stall you could see. I was so grossed out I went to the next stall.  A few minutes later a woman went into the very stall I had just avoided.  I was making so many faces to myself, and just so disgusted by this woman.  So of course I washed my hands long enough to see who it was, so I could judge them internally.  I mean, who does that?

Have you had this random thought?

Happy Blogging All!

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  1. Only you cuz, only you! Lol and that is why you call yourself loquita. So unique and yet so CRAZY. :)