Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Thoughts by Me

So yesterday I went to a charity concert event and came home really late. My friend and I tried catching a cab, but we just couldn't get one, so we eventually just got on the train.  So I text my mom when I got off to see if she was up.  But thanks to my HORRIBLE service I couldn't send any texts or call, because it couldn't detect a signal.  So as I was walking it seemed two men were following me.  In actuality they were just walking in the same direction I was, but as a woman you have to be extra cautious.  All I kept thinking was how would I escape if they tried to grab me or assault me in some kind of way.  Now tell me, am I the only person that when walking home late at night, when it's dark and eerily quiet, holds a scream in their throat? You know, where you're instantly ready to let out the biggest scream of your life if someone tries to touch you or if a leaf grazes your arm?  That's what I was doing!  Every time the wind blew too hard or I heard a car in the background I was on the verge of letting out the loudest scream, that I'm sure would've sounded like I was giving birth.  And sad to say, embarrassing to say, I did let out a yelp when a car drove by at one point. I know, I'm silly, but come on, I live in the South Bronx so I must be prepared to scream, kick and hustle it outta there at all times.  And if all else fails, prepared to ball up into the fetal position and start sucking my thumb and hope my attacker doesn't have any weird fetishes. 

Have you had this random thought?

Happy Blogging All!


  1. You are a nutjob! I'm reading your post while at conference and I cracked up! Lol. You need to write more!

  2. FYI....rapist always have weird like no fetal position just suck your thumb.