Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Grievances

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Hello my Blog followers!  Did you miss me?  I know I missed you all.  Well last week was a very rough one for me and my friends, so I decided to take the week off to reflect and just get myself together.  But now I'm back, some what put together and a little rested.  And just in time for my favorite blog topic of the week... Monday Grievances!

Today I went psycho on someone who was doing something that all New York smokers do; Walking & Smoking!  This irks me so much, it makes me want to punch a new born puppy.  And I LOVE puppies.  The story goes:  I walk out of the train station and immediately there are like 8 smokers just standing in front of the exit.  Then as I zig-zag my way around them, trying to catch the light to cross the street, there are 3 more smokers ahead of me walking.  It's absolutely disgusting.  Anyway as I'm walking towards my job this one asshole walks right in front of me with his cigarette smoke just blowing in the breeze like everything is fucking peaches and roses...  Now, before I continue, I was still half asleep, hadn't eaten yet and had had no coffee, so now you'll understand why what happens next happened...  Every time I tried to move around him and his stick of death, it was like a magnet; he would move in the direction I was going.  And with each move another puff a smoke right in my face!  After my second attempt of trying to get around him, while inhaling this awful air, I couldn't take it anymore.  I finally yelled in a fit of rage something along the lines of, "Buddy move the fuck out of the way and keep your goddamn Cancer to yourself!"  Then I brushed by his arm, trying so hard to knock the cigarette out of his hand with my bag.  Unfortunately, the cigarette was safe, but I still felt good about my outburst.  He mumbled something under his breath, and I said "SHUT UP!" and kept walking.

I'm sorry, but I'm over you cigarette smokers!  And this is coming from someone who use to smoke.  Stop hanging out in front of buildings, restaurants, bars, etc. so when we walk out the first breath of air we get, is cancer ridden.  Go stand in the middle of the street (What? You're already killing yourself).  And stop walking around the city smoking like a chimney on Christmas morning, so that everyone behind you has no choice but to inhale that air!  I'm not even sure why these things aren't illegal.  How much sense does it make that something that gives you Cancer and has a likeliness of giving the people around you cancer, isn't illegal?  But something that is known to help cancer patients during their chemotherapy, yes Marijuana, is.  I'm sorry, I'm gonna say it, Cigarettes are weapons!  Call me dramatic.  I am.  I embrace it.  But seriously, you're not only killing yourself, but you're killing me.  So stop, because I like me.  I remember when they finally came out with the ban on smoking in Restaurants and Bars/Night Clubs.  Oh it was amazing.  I use to work at Webster Hall and I remember when people would come to get their coats, they'd blow smoke in my face. Ugh!  At the end of the night/morning I'd have to go home and take a shower immediately because I smelled like an Ashtray.   And so now I hear that they're going to ban Smoking in Parks and Beaches.  It's like Christmas come early!  It's probably the only wise thing Bloomberg has done as Mayor.  And to the "Smokers Rights Groups", STFU!  Just the way you think you have the right to smoke anywhere you please, I know I have the right to not inhale smoke at every turn I make in this city.  Our air is already tainted with so many other smells and toxins,  stop adding shit we don't need to the mix!  I hope they put a ban on Smoking & Walking as well.  And should a smoker break the law, the punishment should be a swift kick right to the neck or temple.  But that's just my humble opinion :).  For more on the new NYC smoking law, click here NYC Smoking Ban!.

Another grievance of mine on this fine Monday, is everyone talking about Christina Aguliera's "Anthem Blunder".  First of all, people were bitching because how dare she not know the words.  Umm I don't even know the words and as far as I know I've been an American for 28 years.  Second of all, you know the only losers that caught this error were: 1. HATERS! 2. The people that were singing along at home, as they stood up on their couches and wiped there greasy buffalo winged fingers on their wife beater t-shirts, crying.  You know the type. And I'm not saying that the National Anthem is not important, nor is it something to be disrespected, so relax.  HOWEVER the chick didn't shoot the President, she didn't release the Ebola virus onto the field, animals were not harmed during her performance and she didn't whip out a nipple for the world to see.  She got caught up in the moment while hitting some aggressively annoying high notes and forgot a line.  But she kept it professional and kept on singing.  You know how many people mess that song up at sporting events and then just walk off the field without even finishing?  I'm not even that big of a fan of hers, but sheesh, get off the woman's back.  People said she messed up her comeback.  I'm not sure she was aware she was choosing the Super Bowl to do so.  She's going through a divorce, her ex refuses to move out and she has to deal with that awful movie role in Burlesque being on her resume for the rest of her life!  Cut her some slack.  I guess spectators aren't happy unless they're tearing someone down and I guess in the end, it's what we're all about.  Freedom to piss on love the people!  Ahh, long live America! 

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Toe-To-Toe Tuesdays where me and Ozymandias pick a topic and come up with the male and female perspective on it.

Happy Blogging All!

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