Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Grievances

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It's Monday folks and I'm still jobless.  Nothing to be upset about though, because I'm searching and sending out resumes everyday and taking my time.  It's only been two weeks and its hysterical because every time I mention it, I say it as a joke.  However I guess some people don't get my humor and they act like I'm trying to bring down the party.  Umm, I'm not, relax.  I'm glad you have a job and I'm glad that I'm not at mine anymore.   As I've said time and time again, it was time for me to move on.  So grievance one for today is people not taking a joke.  If you don't get me, that's your issue, not mine.  I'm "perfect" in my own way :).  And should you not agree with me, everyone' entitled to their opinion.  But in mine, you're stupid. Hehehe.

Grievance 2 for today is the Oscars.  Or as the fancy people call them, the Academy Awards...I won't go into it, but Jennifer Hudson though I'm so happy for you and your new found weight loss, umm those boobs in that orange dress.  Aye. Dios. Mio.  What were you thinking.  As my boyfriend screamed out at the screen, "Whoa! She's got deflated ti**es", I just gasped.  Who's her stylist? Fire them ASAP. Moving on.... I thought that James Franco and Anne Hathaway did a great job, considering the show always seems to suck the life out of everyone in the room and at home watching.  They were as funny as they could be in order not to offend people.  Because when people are really funny, like Ricky Gervais, the audience can't seem to handle it.  And so then the hosts are blame if they push it or don't bush it. I hate that the hosts get blamed?  It's not their fault, it's the show and all the lackluster awards they give out.  Not that the other awards and people aren't important.  However lets be real, people only care about Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Actress, Best Picture, Best Animation (and I'm still pissed about Despicable Me's snub. That was a great movie) & Director.  That's it! My boyfriend knocked out after the second award and left me there trying to figure out why they're are so many sound and technical awards given on this night.  Isn't that why they have the other awards ceremony at the beginning of the month?  The one that Marisa Tomei hosted?  Another thing that pisses me off about this and all award shows is that because of "time constraints" people are rushed off the stage after 45 seconds and sometimes don't get to thank everyone that they love and have supported them.  It irks the hell out of me 'cause all I think is, who's to say they'll ever get an opportunity like this again.  Everyone that gets to experience that moment, should be able to experience that moment in it's entirety.  I mean if sports games can go into overtime and cut into the news, why can't some dude who wins for foreign film that barely speaks English thank his grandmothers cat's cousin?  It's ridiculous.  But the most annoying and upsetting moment of last nights Oscars was that once again Corey Haim was completely left out of the "In Memorandum" segment of the show.  If I recall Micheal Jackson was included in last years Golden Globes and Oscar's Memorandum and he did what, one movie.  I find it completely disrespectful to his memory.  Yes he was out of the limelight for a while and had some issues, but he was still an actor and was trying to make a comeback.  They did the same thing to Brad Renfro a few years back.  Excuse me, but if you're going to add in Hollywood agents and managers, then I'm confused as to why actors like them don't get any recognition.  Considering Hollywood chews these people up and then spits them out with no regard, the least they could do is give them some respect in their deaths. It's called compassion. Learn some!

And lastly Grievance 3 for today is "THE GYM".  Ugh, now I hate going to the gym, mainly because I'm lazy.  But what I hate more than that, is when I am excited to go and I get there and all the machine's I want are taken.  But worse than that it's taken by people who aren't even using them.  I went to the gym Saturday morning at 8:30.  Here I am thinking no one will really be there because they're probably hung over from Friday night.  But no, there are TONS of people here.  So I wanted to use the step machine, but they were all full and two of them were out of order.  So I look and one girl is "using" it, but she is going so slow and seems to really just be watching the movie on TBS.  She was definitely not focused and not using the machine correctly, if at all.  Another girl is just plainly talking on the phone and just standing on the machine.  I was so enraged.  So I ran on the treadmill and was staring at all of the people on the machine I really wanted as if I was some stalker.  As soon as I saw someone get off, I really ran!  Then I went to use the AB machines.  Now thankfully I went after my friend who politely cleaned up after himself.  HOWEVER when I get to this machine and others, at times there is still sweat from the last person.  How disgusting can you possibly be?  I mean would you want to work out on top of someone else's dirty juices? No, so what in the world makes you think I want to work out on yours?  Stop being a dirty hamster, look for one of the 40 bottles of disinfecting spray they have here and a napkin and clean up after yourself you filthy person!

Ahhhhhh!  I love getting all that off my chest at the beginning of the week.  Well now I'm off to take this new drug I heard about called "Charlie Sheen" and go about the rest of my day.  I hear the drug is KAAARAY-ZEEEE. 

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  2. OMG I had to stop reading and comment about the Oscar acceptance speeches! I totally AGREE! I was just telling Amanda and the girls at lunch that they shouldn't cut people off. It's so rude and if it is their first time winning they should get to stay there as long as they want! Okay back to reading I go. I just got excited because I think people don't want to hear anything that doesn't involve them being thanked so they don't want to hear it! lol

  3. Poor Corey. He got snubbed for a moment of recognition by his fellow actors? Why would the industry LARGELY responsible for his demise want to recognize him? Wouldn't that be ADMITTING their failure at taking care of their own. There's a reason he wasn't included. There's a reason he's dead. Hollywood.

  4. LOL, I'm glad I'm not the only who thought Jennifer Hudson's cleavage was horrible. The dress was nice and she looked nice but that cleavage killed the whole look. Like your b-friend said her boobs looked deflated.

    I too enjoyed the Oscars and was happy I didn't have to worry about anything inappropriate for once...