Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh, I Guess You're Just That Tired. Pfff

As you all know, I ride the subway everyday, to and from work.  So most of my life and all it's crazy occurrences, happen while I'm in that steel trap, and today was no different.  On my way home, the train was packed as usual so I tried squeezing myself in where ever I could.  I finally positioned myself and grab the bars next to the seats near the door.  Suddenly I feel something and then nothing, then something and then nothing again.  I look and its some woman's hand, moving back and forth. It was as if her hands had add, because they just kept sliding towards mine and bouncing off.  Someone I don't know, touching me in any way, especially skin to skin, disgusts me!  One of the reasons I truly hate the train, because there you don't have a choice sometimes if people get that close.  So I finally move over and I'm holding onto one of the poles in the middle.  Again, I start to feel something on my hand, then nothing, and then something and then nothing again.  And again it's someone's fucking hand!!!  Please tell me how lazy can you possibly be that you can't hold up your own damn hand.  Have your hands been that busy today that you can't keep them up?  Do they weight that much?  No? Then why the hell are you touching me???  I had such an urge to take my hand, rub it on my fun box, sneeze and cough all over it and then put it back on the pole and yell, "You want to lean on my hand now?!" I don't know where the hell your hand have been and you have no clue where mine have been.  I don't even want to hold on to that germ ridden pole, but I'm forced to so that I don't go flying into my death when the train decides to make a sudden stop.  Why in the hell do people do this?

Another issue, and I experienced it today, is people leaning on the pole.  Okay, when there's no one around, sure lean on it. Hell I could careless if you hump it or make love to it.  However, unless you're a stripper who's extremely dedicated and attached to his/her job, there is NO REASON FOR YOU TO LEAN ON THE POLE! When the train is packed, get the fuck off and stop being a lazy bastard.  But by far the worse thing, is to start leaning on the pole when someone is already holding on, is absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful.  I got a dirty look from some man today because that's exactly what he did to me and another woman.  He started to lean on our hands as if our hands were just decorations on the pole, or worse, weren't even there.  So I stuck my finger out to poke him in the back and jabbed until he moved.  He then leans off, looks at me and rolls his eyes.  Excuse me??  Am the asshole here?  I'm sorry, but please tell me, are other people just invisible to you?  Or are you just that much of a jerk off that you don't see the issue with leaning on someone's arm or hand.  Why don't I just get some lotion and give you a damn back massage, you look tired.  I can't believe the complete rudeness of people.  I rolled my eyes right back at him and the other woman started to laugh saying she was about to do the same thing.  The nerve of some of these passengers just amazes me.  I know New York is full of rude people, I can be one of them from time to time, but to just be flat out disrespectful, is on a whole new level of rude.

So am I the only one that experiences these issues and gets enraged by them?  Please share and let me know how you handle it.  I'm open for advice, because I'm about to start boarding the train with weapons...trust me, I have other reasons as to why those weapons will come in handy. :)

Happy Blogging All!


  1. Yes this is beyond annoying!! Or how about annoying backpacks! and now woman with HUGE purses! I swear that is def one pet peeve of mine for sure its like when you get on a packed train TAKE IT OFF OR PUT IT IN FRONT OF YOU! Same thing with the huge purse's put that shit in front of you! Its not cool to stand next to you and have your bag smacking me on my side the whole dam time! Isn't this common sense tho?? I guess not these days!

  2. That's actually going to be another Random Thought of mine. I mean seriously, some woman should have their "big bag" rights, revoked! I can't stand it either.