Friday, November 25, 2011

Random Thoughts by Me

One of my favorite chocolate treats is a Hersey Bar with Almonds.  It's that one piece of chocolatey goodness that no matter what my sweet tooth is craving, hits the spot.  And while it may seem bizarre to you, I have a special way in which I pick my little piece of chocolate heaven.  See, whenever I purchase one of these delicious decadent treats, I sort of... well I... I molest the bar before deciding.  Listen, the ratio of almonds to chocolate has to be as even as possible; there MUST be an adequate amount of almonds in this bar.  I mean come on, if I wanted just the chocolate, I'd get the plain one.  Anyway, the other day I bought one and did my normal "feel up the candy" routine.  Touching it from the top of the bar, to the bottom, making sure there a good ratio.  After feeling up about 4 of these, to my delight there was almonds all over my last choice and it brought such a smile to my face.  There's nothing worse than getting a bar with one half having a bunch of almonds and the other one either having 1 almond, or worse, NONE!

I finished up shopping and went to the register.  As the cashier was ringing up my items, she got to the Hershey bar and it wasn't ringing up.  She tried it about 3 times, before she finally asked me to get her another one so that she could get the price... If you don't know where I'm going with this, you obviously are not a fellow fluffy or you don't appreciate sweets in the way that I do... Once she got the price, she packed my stuff and I was on my way.  Later in the day when I had a hankering for something sweet, I immediately went to my little prize.  Only I was actually in for a surprise.  After all my "hard work" of searching for the right chocolate bar, I found that she had switched the bars on me! So now I ended up with a bar that not only wasn't near as good as the one I had originally chosen, it only had one side with almonds!!!  -_-

While you may think I'm over exaggerating, I know someone out there will feel my pain.  And in case you missed my last blog, I don't like when my "food" is messed with.  It just makes me angry.   I know one of you out there has to relate.  Don't lie, it's okay, we're all friends here; a no-judgement free zone.  Well, most of the time...  And PLEASE before I get someone saying there are people are starving all over the world, blah blah blah.  Trust me, I do my share of donating food and clothes to the needy, so you can keep your preaching to yourselves. :)

So now it's, Universe-2 and Fluffy Girl-0.  The universe and I are about to experience some SERIOUS issues.

Happy Blogging All!

P.S. Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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