Monday, November 7, 2011

Random Thoughts by Me

It doesn't matter if it's Summer or Winter, there is always some douchebag that lowers their car windows and blast whatever god awful music their listening to, out for everyone to hear.  And they don't care if it's 6pm or 8am or even 2am, they'll do it without a care.  On so many of these occasions I have fantasized about following these people home, waiting for them to fall fast asleep and then breaking into their home with a huge bucket of ice cold water and throwing it on them while they sleep.  All while blasting, from my own horribly unique vocal chords, whatever song it was that they were playing, that annoyed me.  Please, if you do this, answer me this question. WHY???? What makes you think this is not only cool to do, but that people want to hear your shitty taste in music?  Do you not realize that we can hear it?  Or are you just that big of a piece of shit that you just don't give a flying fuck.  I'm writing this now, and yes in anger, because some A-Hole is blasting music from 1995 outside, and it's not even good music!!!!  And this ladies and gentleman is why you should all be grateful that carrying guns is not legal.  And no, not to kill anyone. Calm down you nuts! Just to shoot out some tires or a radio here and there. :)

Happy Blogging All!

*This was written on 11/6/11 at 9p while trying to watch Housewives Atlanta. Hence my anger. :)


  1. Don't erase my comment YOUR BLOGS SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!

  2. I'm actually EXTREMELY happy you wrote that. I will keep it up. And if you had any type of heart you'd tell me that my "blogs suck" yourself, rather than comment Anonymously. It's cool though, I get you're tryin' to be gangsta on a blog. So please, keep the hate coming sweetheart. I LOVE it! ;) XOXO

  3. OH Yes and how about thism I never understood why people will put their speakers or radios facing OUTSIDE from there windows!! REALLY!! Who gives a crap about what your listening too! Its so annoying and of course def inconsiderate!